Dr. Mc Mai McGradybos and paper tape actually have these hidden functions, what do you know

Some netizens asked Xiaobian, what is the effect of this paper tape? Let’s talk about the name of the paper tape, and the paper tape is a name, and there is also a name of the paper tape with paper beauty, so what functions do Dr. McGradybos and paper tape have? Take you to understand details!

Wonderful use 1: Repeated adhesion

Compared with many labels, it is more convenient to use compared to many labels because of its repeated adhesion. When the book is not read, it is used as a temporary mark, and it will not be broken when it is removed. The craftsmanship of the tape is slowly improving, and many tapes can be written. Dr. Macgradybos, such as Dr. Mc Mai, is particularly suitable for cornermarks that are used as a corner label, and classify your learning notes or files.

Wonderful use 2: DIY wallpaper/photo frame

Are you still complaining that the walls at home are too monotonous? You can play any tricks with the tape. When you don’t like it, you can tear it off at any time. You can also put your favorite photos on the wall and stick a photo frame with stickers to let the child do it.

Wonderful use 3: Gift packaging

Sorry to give gifts directly? Then pack it, and the five -door and paper tape, how to pack it in love, maybe you can also play a little surprise, write one or two lines on the tape, and look forward to him or her accidental discovery.

Wonderful use 4: icing on the cake

Anything at home, as long as you like it, you can pack it again, surprise your family, add a lot of interest to life.

Wonderful use 5: label stickers

Some things are always unable to find and unclear. In order to avoid similar situations, it is marked, and my mother no longer needs to worry about my forgetfulness.

Do you feel that the function of the paper tape is very powerful? It turned out that there were so many functions hidden. The friends who needed it quickly got into the mark and entered the mark. In this way, there would be no annoyance when used in the later period!

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