Reading can enhance the charm of personality. Reading can understand things. Reading can appreciate the splendid of mountains and rivers. Reading can broaden the horizons. Reading can be refreshing. Reading can calm down the gods.

Entering the book, you will show up in the picturesque scenery. You will be intoxicated by the hero’s love. You will be dazzling in the bustling city. You will play happily in the remote areas. You will suddenly realize in the words of shocking the soul. You will fight and fight in the Shanghai, release youth on campus, and be able to afford it in love.

Entering the book, you will have the courage of Dajiangdong to go, and some people will be thinner than Huang Hua. The aspirations to read for China will also have the tragedy of how bright me is. There are several people who look at the domineering of the present, and there will be slaves to save the country. There are poetry and the romance of the distance, and there will be reality that lives in the present.

Entering the book, an endless space and time will be opened to you. Five thousand years, 100,000 miles, let you run, but nine days to take the moon, you can catch the five lakes to catch it. Five -color stone supplement the sky. It can be like Noah to build a Ark to save the people in the water. It can become Spider -Man for the heavenly lane, saving the people in water and fire. Can be a police officer, chase the fugitive, and protect the side of peace.

Entering the book, you will find that China has its own characteristics during the precipitation of 5,000 years. There is the same thing in the replacement of history. In the struggle with foreign enemies, it is not strong. During the development, the crystallization of wisdom is displayed.

Entering the book and enlightened us. Let us no longer be lonely, no longer lonely, so that we are with books, and life is no longer impermanent.