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In the autumn and winter seasons, the weather is getting colder and colder. Many places have started to make small snow in October. Many people have now put on cotton jackets or down jackets.


In recent years, weather changes have become more and more abnormal, and they have become colder and colder. Parents are most worried at this time is the child’s cold,

Fear of a cold because the child does not keep warm, especially when he is afraid that your baby is sick because he is too small.

If the child has a cold, the parents will be very distressed and hope that the child can be healthy, so he usually pays great attention. As long as the weather turns cold, it will add a lot of clothes to the child. Every time it is, the parents will always wear very thickly to their children, and they will

Choose the warmest warm underwear that you think is the warmest.

The warm underwear is really thick, and when adults wear it, it will feel very warm and anti -wind:

★ But is it suitable for children who love jumping and jumping?

A few days ago, my friend Xiaoyan’s child had a cold because he wore a warm underwear, and it was better to stay in the hospital for a week. Xiaoyan’s son went to the kindergarten class this year and could not stay with herself during the day. Recently, the weather has changed very much, so Xiaoyan deliberately bought a warm underwear for her child, fearing that the child had a cold because of the cold.

She believes that the warm underwear is very warm and thick, and the wrapping is very good, so she will not freeze the child. But four days later, the child actually had a cold and took the child to the hospital for examination. Xiaoyan didn’t understand how the child was so thick to wear a cold.

Later, I heard that the doctor explained that the child’s cold was the calamity of the warm underwear.

Because the warm underwear has a certain thickness, children will sweat very easily in the kindergarten. Because the child will not take the initiative to take off the warm underwear, it will cause the child to cover it with sweat.

A little windy, sweat will become cold, which will cause the child to catch a cold. Xiaoyan suddenly realized that she would no longer wear warm underwear for her children.

Why do children do not need to wear warm underwear?

► ► ► ► ►

The warm underwear is very thick and tight, so it is very warm. However, children will inevitably exercise at school. Under the wrap of warm underwear, the child will sweat a little as long as it moves.

Especially in the closed classroom, there are very small space and many people, so it will not be particularly cold in the classroom.

If the child is still wearing a warm and warm underwear, it is particularly easy to cover sweat.


If the child has been sweating at school, then the body will always be wet, and it will be particularly hot. Some children will go out of the outdoor for cooling to cool down. At this time, it is very easy to catch a cold.

► No sweat absorption

The warm underwear is a little thicker than the autumn clothes and autumn pants, and it has a layer of fluff on the basis of autumn clothes and autumn pants, which also becomes warmer.


It is used as Qiu Yi to wear it in hand, which is very warm to wear. But what most people don’t know is,

Warm -keeping underwear does not absorb sweat. As long as the child does some strenuous exercise sweating, thermal underwear will be wet by sweat.

Because the warm underwear is very thick, it will be difficult to dry

As long as the clothes are wet, the child must wear wet clothes all day, not only uncomfortable, but also easy to catch a cold.


If you can replace your clothes in time, keeping warm underwear can be regarded as a better warm clothing. But in kindergarten, the teacher did not have the energy to check whether each child was too uncomfortable.


So if the child is not by his side and cannot change clothes for the child in time, it is best not to choose this kind of warm clothing.


Try to choose some cotton clothes such as sweat -absorbing autumn clothes and autumn pants.

【Small tricks in winter dress】

Parents must pay attention when wearing clothes for their children:

● It is thinner to wear the child and wear a little thicker outside.

If the child is a little thin, it is easier to suck sweat, and it is relatively fast. In this way, it will not allow children’s personal clothes to be wet because of sweating, and it will also reduce the probability of colds.


Moreover, children cannot stay outdoors all the time, and most of the time are indoors. Generally, in winter, air conditioners will be turned on in the room, so the temperature will not be too low. If the child’s underwear is still very thick, it will be particularly hot.


Parents can put a thick jacket for their children, put on the cold outdoors, and return to the room to take off the jacket.

Hot Mom Quotations:


There are many techniques for children to wear clothes. Appropriate methods can reduce the probability of children’s colds. When the weather is cold, children should not wear too much, especially when they are in the room. High -volume underwear.


Only when parents are considering their place and noticed, can they effectively prevent children from causing colds.

Parents, in winter, what kind of clothes would you wear for your child?

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