Last night, a little friend said that the right -clicking of the desktop was refreshed with the mouse, and the shortcut icon that brushed it on the desktop became blank. After restarting, he couldn’t find it. Alas, this is the following.


Xiaobian temporarily gave a more conventional solution, that is, the picture should be displayed correctly under the shortcut icon on the shortcut icon, but the effect is limited, and the eggs are used to as usual after restarting.

If you do, do a full set of solutions without a third party. If you have problems, solve problems, and have no problem collection.

If you have similar problems on your computer for the first time, it is recommended to try to rebuild the desktop icon cache first, Win+R mix the running window and enter the following command:




If it is still invalid, use Windows 8/10 partner to enter C: Users User Name AppData Local position. The friends of the operating system of Windows7 and below to C: Documents and Settings Local Settings Application Under the data, find a hidden file called “iconcache”.

After deleting, restart the computer. Waiting for the system to build a desktop picture cache or use the above command to complete it.