Right now, the grape mature picking season. Recently, in the West Mountain Purple Village of Xishan Village, Longquan Town, Fenggang County, people who came to pick grapes and sightseeing scenery were endless.


It is understood that the vineyard base was founded in 2010 and has been put into production for 3 years. The planting area is about 15 acres. It is convenient for transportation, rich water resources, and good conditions for soil fertilizer. It is the best choice base for planting fruits.

A scene of vineyards.


The 64 -year -old Song Xingguo and Liu Shunzhen, a 62 -year -old wife Liu Shunzhen, have been sticking to this for 7 years. They are famous “new farmers” that are out of the place. However, they are attached to the dream of entrepreneurship, and they can find money or strengthen their health. Because they usually need to apply fertilizer, branches, weed, bags, etc. on the base, they will solve the employment of 4 people. Work.


According to reports, the vineyard is a high -quality variety “Purple King” grapes introduced from Changshun County, Qiannan. During the Mid -Autumn Festival and National Day, the shelf life is long, with resistant cream mold, 18%of high sugar. Love, medium fruit, soft and juicy, sweet taste, crispy flesh.

Packaged grapes.

Today, the vineyard is available for tourists for sightseeing, entertainment, tasting, and experiential picking. It has sold more than 100,000 yuan. It is expected that grape income this year is more than 400,000 yuan.