“There is a saying in the fashion industry: when you don’t know what to express your fashion attitude, please choose LV; when you no longer need to use to express your fashion attitude, please choose BV.

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

Bottega Veneta has a low -key style, and there is no conspicuous Monography and Logo, which are popular with iconic woven leather.

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

In the past, it would not make an error, and these two years have been transformed by Daniel Lee, a new creative director, it has become very fashionable. “

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

Who is the biggest dark horse in the fashion circle in 2019?

It must be led by Daniel Lee

Bottega veneta


“Sustainable” and “Bottega Veneta” can be said to be the keywords of the entire fashion industry in 2019.

Many young people have excluded Bottega Veneta before, most of them because they feel that it is old -fashioned and old -fashioned, and it looks very dull.

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

Since Daniel Lee has joined, it has become a frequent visitor to the fashion in the fashion industry.

The style has also become a capable simple style, which is more modern and more fashionable.

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

The famous cloud bag The Pouch is the first product designed by Daniel.

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

As soon as it appears, it has a cross -border waiting list, which attracts more than 10,000 views per month.

The soft leather appearance and layer of stacked vertical design are simple but recognizable. They can be stabbed under the arm or in their hands. They are both casual and high -level, and have a lazy feminine.

INTRECCIATO weaving handbag process production process

Bottega Veneta is 54 years old and has a lot of ups and downs.

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

Unlike many brand named by the founder, Bottega Veneta is not a name, but Italian, which means “handicraft workshop from Vicincha”.

It has always been called “IntRecciato Leather Weaving”, which has always been known as its superb craftsmanship, and has a high degree of recognition without big LOGO but has a high degree of recognition.

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

This skill is extremely time -consuming and energetic. To first use a shiny leather, use the machine to use a fixed interval to make a hole, take another leather to cut into strips, and then hand in hand to the master to compile this leather to the hole by hand to the hole to the hole. inside.

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

Beginning in 2015, the characteristics of “handicraft, ingenuity, low -key” have gradually fell out of favor. Bottega has been silent for several years. Until 6 years in 2018, creative director Daniel Lee took office.

Daniel Lee is not only young and handsome, but also talented.

Under his helm, in just one year, Bottega returned to the front line of the fashion circle again, becoming one of the hottest brands at the moment.

Creative Director Daniel Lee graduated from the Central St. Martin Academy of Art in London. He has worked behind the scenes at famous brands such as Balenciaga and Masion Margiela. In 2012, he joined Celine of the Phoebe Philo era as the design director of the garment series.

At the 2019 FASHION AWARDS (British Fashion Award) awards ceremony, Bottega Veneta won the Best Brand Award of the Year.

At the same time, the designer Daniel Lee also won three awards from the annual women’s clothing designer, the annual accessories designer, and the annual designer.

In addition to the cloud bag, he also created a lot of explosion:

The Cassette pillow bag

It has the shape of a block bag, the edges and corners, the soft shape and touch, and the many bright colors.

The Shoulder Pouch Cape Corporal Pack

It is considered to be a recent popular underarm bag style. It adds the handle on the basis of the cloud bag, which will not exaggerate and grab the mirror, but it is inexplicable.

Stretch square sandals

Eap the classic weaving elements that are staggered and cross with a variety of high -saturated solid colors to interpret it. It is comfortable while not forgetting retro sexy, adding more possibilities to its fashion attributes.

Bottega Veneta is now available in Supiex Mini Program. Today I will recommend 5 classic items for leather weaving technology:

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

Ladies sheepskin chain shoulder bag

The simple and atmospheric flip bag design and the exquisite metal chain shoulder strap are beautiful and advanced. They raised their hands to show the unique charm of elite women, casual and advanced.

Usually, whether it is held in my arms or the back of the upper body, it is full of freedom and casualness.

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

Black, gray, and dark blue are sold.

Ladies sheepskin woven chain messenger bag

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

This kind of fresh lady with many colors, blue is suitable for minimalist wind, and the dark color is more restrained and mature, which is relatively suitable for women with strong human beings.

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

It feels soft and waxy, much more durable than expected, and even makes people feel that the higher the use.

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

Red, blue, and black are sold.

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

Men and women’s same sheepskin handbags

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

This sheepskin is fully woven to the handbag, which is characterized by lightness. The leather texture in the hand is very comfortable, showing a strong temperament, and it is common for men and women.

Men’s long cowhide wallet

This wallet is simple and generous, and the color is dark color. It is a very practical style. The highly recognizable woven small square is suitable for low -key elite men.

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

Men’s cowhide woven belt

为什么全世界都在追捧Bottega Veneta?

This men’s belt is made of cortex, classic weaving patterns, fashionable, comfortable integration, and also wear resistance. It is very good for men who often need to wear belt.