Guide: In the past, we would think that after pregnancy, we needed to face the sky for the baby’s health to avoid all kinds of skin care products. However, it turns out that pregnant women can also be beautiful during pregnancy, and meet their skin care needs on limited conditions. Just make the right choice and avoid bad products.

Therefore, during pregnancy, the choice of skin care and various wash products needs to be more cautious during pregnancy. To do relevant homework can be safer to skin care and washing. In this regard, what kind of skin care products, shampoo and shower gel are suitable for pregnant women? Here, I will talk to you about the things about physical care during pregnancy:

1. Skin care demand and skin care thinking during pregnancy

In physical care, facial skin care is the key to mothers’ needs, and on the face skin care during pregnancy,

One of the important principles is to simplify skin care.

The reason is simple. On the one hand, there are many skin care components that cannot be used after pregnancy. Streaming skin care is safer. On the other hand, simple skin care can reduce the burden on skin absorption.


To this,

The main skin care needs of mothers during pregnancy can be reduced to the most basic cleansing, hydrating, and sun protection.

In daily skin care, as long as these three tasks are done, many skin problems can be avoided. Starting from these three skin care needs, when pregnant mothers choose skin care products, they must focus on the following issues:

1. Pay attention to the product component:

In our daily skin care products, many ingredients are not applicable during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to screening.

For example: salicylic acid, vitamin A acid, retinol, dihamone, etc., these are components used carefully during pregnancy, which will seriously lead to the emergence of deformities.

Therefore, the product selection is as simple as possible, and the fragrant fine wine is added.

2. Avoid all whitening and freckle products:

In the entire pregnancy cycle,

Neither pregnant mothers can use skin care products about whitening and freckle, because most of the whitening ingredients are products disabled by pregnant women.


In terms of function selection, pay attention to the basic moisturizing.


3. Try to choose a good brand of mother and baby mouth:

In terms of product brand choices, if you want to better ensure the quality of the product, it is best to choose a good brand with a certain market reputation, so that you can avoid too many products. The skin care brands that pregnant women can use are FANCL, Clarins, Ke Run, HABA, etc.


Here, Xiaobian recommends a good skin care for pregnant mothers during pregnancy:


Nenfu folic acid facial cleanser, Ke Run cream, Venona spray, Clarins Essence, Krun physical sunscreen cream, FANCL sunscreen.

2. Precautions for washing care during pregnancy

Shampoo and shower gel are the main aspects of the choice in terms of washing care, and there are no skin care products in these two types of products.


Because the ingredients are added, the ingredients are not much different, and basically the products we usually use are also applicable during pregnancy.

But also the ingredients used with cautious use of contraceptives.


In the market with whitening ingredients and plant essential oils on the market, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to avoiding it.

And there is no need to pay too much attention to the concept of the so -called pregnant women’s products.

Product selection can give priority to the amino acid table activity ingredients,


Because its pH value is weakly acidic, it will be more in line with the pH value of our human skin.

The choice of protection products also need to consider whether the cleaning power is sufficient,

This is the key to maintaining skin and hair cleaning,

At the same time, you need to consider whether it is easy to rinse and whether there are residual problems,


Too many ingredients remain likely to cause skin allergies and damage the health of the scalp.

Similarly, in the choice of cleaning products, choosing a reliable brand with good reputation can save a lot of trouble.

It will be more recommended for Germany’s tender -shampoo and shower gel, Iveno washing suit, and a pregnant woman in Parma’s pregnant women, and Doffan washing.

Important tips: Pregnant women need to maintain the principle of streamlined skin care. They do not need to pursue too much skin care effect, pay attention to product component choices, avoid all whitening freckle and freckle function products, and try to choose good reputation brands. There are not many requirements on the cleaning products. Many products on the market can be used. Pay attention to avoid harmful ingredients.

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