[Anhui] Luzhou Yangzi Huamei Electric Co., Ltd. recalls some landing fan

A few days ago, Luzhou Yangzi Huamei Electric Co., Ltd. reported the recall plan to the Anhui Market Supervision and Administration Bureau and the Luzhou Market Supervision Administration in accordance with the requirements of the “Interim Regulations on the Management of Consumer Product Recall”. From now on, the models manufactured during the period of August 09, 2019 are 60 units FS-45/220V ~ 50Hz60W.

The problem of the existence of FS-45/220V ~ 50Hz60W floor fans in this recall is: the protection of GB 4706.1-2005, GB4706.27-2008 standards for the protection of power components. Hidden dangers. Regarding the landing fan within the scope of the recall, Luzhou Yangzi Huamei Electric Co., Ltd. will actively implement the main responsibility of the enterprise, carry out defective product recalls, improve the safety technology improvement, improve the product safety level, and replace the new products that meet the requirements for customers to eliminate it to eliminate it Security risks.

Luzhou Yangzi Huamei Electric Co., Ltd. will release a recall plan from now, suggesting that consumers holding affected products stop using the product and contacted Luzhou Yangzi Huamei Electric Co., Ltd. for free replacement. Consumers can call Luzhou Yangzi Huamei Electric Co., Ltd. to understand the specific information of the recall product. It can also log in to the website of Anhui Province’s defective product recall management technology center (www.ahdpract.com) to learn more information or submit relevant defect clues.

(Transfer from the website of the Management Technology Center of Defective Product Recall of Anhui Province)

In addition, users can log in to the Website of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration’s defective product management center (DPAC.SAMR.GOV.CN), Chinese product security and recall information network (www.recall.org.cn), follow WeChat public account (SAMRDPAC), Learn more information and reflect defect clues.