In the past two years, under the decline in the growth rate of the entire milk powder industry, the sheep milk powder industry has continued to maintain a growth rate of more than 20%, which has also attracted the major dairy industries to lay out infant formula sheep milk powder, such as Yili launched Youzi lambs, health Co -launched a co -founding Yuan Ke Bisi, and Wyeth launched cross -border enlightenment lesbuy milk powder. So what are the highlights of goat milk powder?

Not only goat milk, these recipes are also dazzling

Goat milk is a recognized “high -quality health food” in the world. It is known as the king and aristocratic milk in Europe and the United States. By the advantages of small molecular structure and absorption related to infant sheep milk powder, it has won many consumers in recent years. With the increasing diversification of consumers and the continuous upgrading of consumer structures. In recent years, we have also seen that more and more infant sheep milk powder formula has become increasingly rich.

According to the statistics,

As of press time, a total of 90 goat milk powder is registered through the formula

The formula adding tables are as follows.

(With the diversification of milk powder nutrition, such as DHA, ARA, and taurine are classified as conventional formulas in this article. The characteristic enhanced formula mainly includes 5 types: lutein, lactine, OPO, CPP, and probiotics.)

(Gray: 1 type; yellow: 2 types; orange: 3 types; blue: 4; green: 5 species)


It is not difficult to find through the above data. In recent years, many goat milk powder has continuously enriched the formula under the conventional nutrition.

Such as the blue river, spring sheep, etc. add lutein; Jiabei Aite Yuebai, the golden collar crown leisurely lamb, Beikang 僖 如 如, etc. added OPO; and the Baby of Baby added CPP; Don, Ai You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You excellent Suwin, British, and other milk iron proteins are added; sheep milk powder such as Beikang, Carolitani, Derelani adds probiotics, and so on.


Big milk powder, checked brand, watch evaluation, go to the pink smart tank


In terms of the number of recipes:

There are 29 special enhanced formula sheep milk powder; 33 are added with 2 special enhanced formulas; 17 are added with 3 special enhanced formula sheep milk powder; 1 add 4 special enhanced formula goat milk powder has 1 model ; There are 2 types of special enhanced formulas. There are 2 types of sheep milk powder. From these data, we can also see another highlight of infant sheep milk powder,

The formula is also developing towards diversified.

Goat milk+recipe, multi -selling point blessing

According to many literature studies, sheep milk contains more than 200 nutrients and biological activity ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, lactose, and enzymes. Digestion and absorption; and the content of β-milk globulin in goat milk is lower than that of milk, αS1-casein is about 1/7 of milk, and the sensitivity is relatively low.

This also makes many people in the industry think that goat milk itself is a big selling point.

But today, when infant sheep milk powder is gradually homogeneous, dairy companies want to have stronger competitiveness. They not only need to ensure the quality of sheep milk powder, but also make the differentiation and characteristics of goat milk powder.

For the product itself, refinement and nutrition are the mainstream direction.

The picture comes from the Internet

When it comes to the development of goat milk powder,

Wu Kuilin, General Manager of Yubing County Yanting County, mentioned


“The future pattern of the milk powder brand has almost been determined, and the big brand is more powerful to give the store’s profits to the store, but stores need profit support. The future of goat milk powder may be more likely to become a brand that brings the core profit of milk powder to the store.” With The market Matthew effect is intensified, the pressure of channel competition continues to increase, and the range of milk powder products that can be selected by stores is really narrowing, and sheep milk powder that is in the “rise” period undoubtedly provides more expectations for the layout of the store’s milk powder.

Independent Dairy Analyst Song Liang also mentioned before

: “As many brands enter the field of goat milk powder, you must not only see the dividends brought by the subdivisions, but also depends on the degree of brandization, the degree of channels of channels, and the differences between the formula of these goat milk powder. The competition of product homogeneity will also be unavoidable, and the differentiated competition such as the positioning, the origin of raw materials, and the unique formula of sheep milk powder will become the key to brand breakouts. “

2018 is the first year of the development of goat milk powder. To this day, we can also see that in addition to the “leading sheep” of goat milk powder, Jiabeite is continuing to advance, as well as the blue river, Beikang, and Illin leader. , San Tramu, Heta, Denn, Vi Aijia, Carolitani, Bienxi and other goat milk powder brands are also working hard to run forward and continue to surpass themselves.


We also look forward to the continuous growth of the goat milk powder industry, and more and more goat milk powder brands can make good achievements, bring surprises to the market, and help industrial development.