First of all, please ask me to procrastinate, the last article AKG K3003i

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴他们引以为豪的美国制造连鞋底也不忘写一遍好啦,我真的知道是美国造啦

early 2013

The sun order, because it did not become the first to send it to Aunt Zhang, and was still lying in the draft box. That’s right, it is more than two years. Essence Essence Essence

It doesn’t matter, no one has tanned men’s boots yet, I can take it slowly whether it is independent Flag.

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴

Turn into the topic, about the boots, I personally divide him into two categories:

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴

1. Dry it;

This type must have a safe toe (work need). It is not distressed if it is made. It is best to get waterproof and breathable in the wind (not at the same time). Don’t wait, you think the cheapest is the most expensive)

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴背面有没有一种德州红脖子老农民的感觉

I was young, I bought the three doubles in one breath! Intersection Intersection The regrets are green! Intersection Intersection

Don’t buy Carter’s shoes, don’t buy Carter’s shoes, don’t buy Carter’s shoes important things to say three times

Now I want to change the red -wing seven -hop Dana, there is no chance

2, pretend to wear it;

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴不用吓我啦,加州标准说有致癌物,这年头,喝口水都可能有辐射,怕鸟 更何况是作到死的加洲文艺青年共和国说的,咱大老爷们儿,不虚这个。 (哮喘又犯了,啊,救救我 )

For example, this (Amazon delayed delivery has not yet arrived) Primeday bought about 75 before.

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴家里没有大镜子

And today’s protagonist 120.99 purchased at the discount day of Amazon Prime Day.

Don’t ask me why I want to buy denim boots

The short -distance business trip was sent on the next day to work

The friends who were traveling took me to a boot shop. Well, you can understand that it is a farmhouse in the United States

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴内侧和外侧

Then the whole person is Sparta

As a 城 城 作为 作为 作为

For the first time in my life, I saw so many men wearing boots?

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴正面

For the first time in my life, I saw so many men wearing a hat

Then look at the price

Silently walked away

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴顶视图,脚后跟处有一块缓冲的厚皮质针对穿脱时摩擦最大的地方的加强(老美也有心思细腻的时刻啊 )

Later, I went to the west two times to go out twice

Then there is today’s sun list

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴

文 文 ~~ Enter the text

Although the discount between Prime Day is pitted, there are always some good things. Especially not so popular.

Amazon’s boots in recent years have generally risen sharply, and those who have price tracking plug -in are clear.

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴

This time PrimeDay finally discounted to the price before the price increase was still 10 knives

There are three reasons for buying it: 1. Made in the United States; 2. Classic modeling; 3, leather sole; (4; historical low price)

There must be four so -called three major advantages.


The American flag is so big, the United States is so confident

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴里面的鞋是这个样子的

There is a handle on the paper shell that can be mentioned

Shoes (don’t care about my board game)

The shoes in it are like this

front and back

Inside and outside

The pattern of the slag of the soil

Classic boots

On the high way to talk about the adult

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴又是美国制造标识,你到底要说多少遍

Later and high high

The leather soles are good, I know it is made in the United States

They are proud of the American manufacturing, and I don’t forget to write it again. I really know it is made by the United States.

Convenient to wear shoes

Top view, there is a buffer thick skin at the heel to strengthen the largest friction when wearing and takes off (Lao Mei is also a moment with delicate thoughts)

There must be a little injury on the boots.

Don’t scare me. California standards say that there are carcinogens. This year, it may have radiation when drinking water, not to mention that the birds are said to be dead in the California Literature and Arts of the California. (Astoror asthma, ah, save me)

I know the warning card of the carcinogen is handmade. You have written it in all places you can write. Needless to say. (The yellow race said that the good one has an advantage in hand)

It is the US manufacturing logo again, how many times do you want to say

Upper foot

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴包装上好大的美国国旗啊,美国造就是这么自信

I took a selfie on the top of my foot.

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴经典靴筒花纹

There is no big mirror at home


Is there a feeling of an old farmer on the back of the Texas red neck?

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴致癌物的警告牌我知道是美国手工啦,你在所有能写的地方都写过啦,不用再说啦。 (黄种人说好的在手工上有优势的咧)

The leather is a bit like a crazy horse leather, and it is a trace of a slightly scraping of the nails.

The pattern is a standard version, most of the American boots are basically this pattern

But it doesn’t matter, the rough American man must be rough to taste (don’t ask me what taste, I don’t know anything)

It feels very good after putting on, very comfortable … Except … a bit slippery on the carpet

However, this kind of boot does not seem to be on the cement road.

The legendary two steps are worn out

But I don’t believe it

Of course it is summer, so I won’t go out for this stuff.

Actually, I drive out … There is no pressure at all, hahahahaha

There are actually many people who can wear such boots in the workplace, but they have a rubber bottom with an iron head.

Tony Lama 7902 男式牛仔长靴后跟高高高

Can’t understand the thoughts of white people at all, it can only be said to be the habit of farmers.

If you are in a mood, I will go to the hot board game ~~~

Tony lama 7902 men’s denim boots