After the baby is born, clothing, food, housing, and transportation need to be particularly attentive. Novice parents do not learn to have childcare knowledge, and it is difficult to cope with it. Not long ago, a fan left a message to the uncle, asking for a “practical manual” of “clothing and food” in infants and young children. No problem! Uncle Grandma will arrange for everyone today ~

What do children eat? Of course it is milk. Don’t look at the baby’s food is simple. Just drink milk when you are born, but how to drink it is scientific.

0-6 months

Breast milk is the safest food for babies. It contains the nutrition and antibodies needed for the growth of the baby. It is a protective umbrella for newborns to resist various diseases.

The World Health Organization recommends that breast milk feeds the baby for at least 6 months.

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More than 6 months

After 6 months, it is not enough to eat milk. You need to add supplementary food according to the baby’s monthly age. You can start with the formula milk powder. For example, the uncle’s Mei Sujiaer and Royal Mei Sujiaer are all good choices. Uncle Milk gave you a food watch watch, and I don’t know what to see this watch when eating.


Precautions for monthly age supplementary foods 6 months, vegetable puree, and fruit puree have been added within 15 days of adding supplementary food. It is only rice noodles. After half a month, you can add appropriate vegetable puree to rice noodles. Fruit puree needs to be fed separately. Babies with 7 months of rice noodles, vegetable puree, fruit puree, pork pork liver puree, and salmon puree can start adding meat puree. After mixing meat mud with vegetable puree and rice noodles, fed with fruit puree alone. 8 months of rice noodles, fruit diced, cordon, broken vegetables, rotten noodles, egg yolk and mud vegetables and fruits from mud paste to small granular shapes. allergy. In 9 months, adding vegetables and meat porridge, soup noodles, potato puree, pumpkin puree, and pork liver powder according to the baby’s acceptance and chewing ability, appropriately adjust the size and viscosity of the food. From 10th to December, fish fillets, steamed broccoli, vegetable pasta, beef dumplings, dumplings, corn soup, tomato soup supplementary food can be further thickened. Symptoms, then incorporate ingredients into the safe ingredients.

After the age of 1, you can gradually add richer foods, but remember that the baby’s stomach is relatively fragile, not suitable for eating too cold and hard foods. You can just match meat milk egg poultry, fruits and vegetables.

How to pick the baby’s clothes? The first choice cotton material.

Generally, the children’s clothing produced by regular manufacturers contain three standards:

Tags, collar, washed the label.

We can see the name of the clothes, the goods number, the fabric, the safety level, and the method of washing the method from these three marks.


The safety technology categories of children’s clothing are divided into three categories: A, B, and C.

There are two main categories: knitted cotton and woven cotton. The market is generally known as “100%cotton” on the market. It is relatively stiff and suitable for coats; a small amount of spandex will be added with a knitted cotton to make the clothes softer, increased elasticity, and suitable Used to make your baby’s personal clothes.


Remember these three principles:


Do not give your baby clothes with pure fiber fabrics. The baby loves sweating during activity, but the chemical fiber fabric has poor breathability and poor hygroscopicity.

Do not buy your baby with a hat. The “Technical Specifications for Infant and Children’s Textile Product Safety Technical Specifications” clearly stipulates that there are no rope bands on the head and neck of children under the age of 7 and children under the age of 7.

Do not buy unknown clothes. When buying clothes for your baby, the preferred brand and the old -fashioned children’s clothing brand.

Another point, some Bao Da Bao Mom will wear the clothes worn by the boss, or wear the clothes of relatives and brothers and sisters for children, so can children wear second -hand clothes? The answer is: Yes. But remember to choose soft, clean and comfortable clothes, and after cleaning and drying sterilization, you can wear it for your baby.

Second -hand clothes can be worn, second -hand shoes are not available. Old shoes are not like old clothes. Every time you wear it, there are problems such as long -term sweating bacteria. In addition, the degree of wear and shoe type will affect the child when wearing the child to wear Comfort.


Families with dolls and families without baby can be seen from entering the door. The room of the two -person world is neatly neatly stuffed with all kinds of things with baby.

There are more and more children’s supplies. Which are the necessities and which are IQ taxes? Let’s go together.

Reason for the need to buy


Nourishing baby, safe and hygienic, good moisture absorption.

Bottle, bottle brush, pacifier

It is important to drink milk well. If possible, you can buy an ultraviolet disinfection cabinet to disinfect the bottle.



Let your baby and adults sleep better. The best way to avoid the baby’s best to catch your baby is to cut your nails.

Baby dedicated moisturizing milk, shower gel

After taking a bath or wash your face, use it to care for your baby’s delicate skin.

Baby paper towels, wet towels, cotton soft towels

Wipe your nose, wipe PP, rub your hands, wipe your mouth …


Baby bath, wash the washbasin

For health, don’t share a pot with adults.


You can throw them in or disinfected.


Ear temperature gun

It is used to test the body temperature.


Children’s laundry

Special cleaning of children’s clothing



Prevent the baby’s clothes from getting wet to make the baby uncomfortable.

Dinner seat


Give your baby a good habit of eating


Suitable for babies who love mosquito bite in summer

Sunscreen solar mirror

In the development stage, the protection of sunglasses requires the protection of sunglasses

Of course, many children’s supplies are very ribbon, and even threatened the health of the baby. Such as the following:


Baby glove

It affects the baby’s development and causes the baby’s blood to not circulate.


Baby swimming ring (neck circle)


Broken the baby’s spine, and accidentally became a “life circle.”


The children’s free activities are limited and the child’s learning opportunities are deprived.

Baby set pillow

It does not meet the physiological development of infants and young children, and it is also prone to accidents.

High -rise landscape car

Imagine that it is a nightmare when it comes to the steps.


Causes the sweat glands to obstruct and stimulate local pimples or blisters caused by the surrounding skin.


What else do you have to add? You can leave a message in the comment area.

With children out, we can choose multiple ways of travel.

When taking buses and subway public transportation, you can bring some small toys that babies like, healthy snacks, so as not to cry when the children feel bored.

When taking a private car,

[Millions must be]

To install children’s safety seats, using children’s safety seats can reduce 80%of the risk of accident damage. WHO suggestion


Children under the age of 4 need to use older children’s safety seats. Elderly children under 10 or less than 135 cm tall need to use an increased pad.

If you just go out and walk, the stroller is also a good choice. Pay attention to the following points when using a stroller:

1. Don’t cover the stroller


Covering a small blanket on the stroller is equivalent to wrapping the car. It will become a closed and high temperature environment.

It is easy to cause babies to cause high temperature dehydration and heatstroke risks.

2. Washing and wiping

When the baby is in a car, this is a hidden health hazard.

To disassemble and clean the stroller regularly,

Ensure that the baby’s “car” is clean and hygienic.

3. Do not put debris on the car

Some parents like to put a bunch of things on the stroller while shopping, next to their children. Anyway, the space is so large, why not make good use of it? In fact, this is a wrong approach. One of the children’s hygiene cannot be guaranteed. Second, plastic bags, hard cartons, etc. will also scratch their children.

The baby is really swallowing the golden beast. After reading the baby’s [clothing, food, use, line], what do you think?


Milk powder, talk about the baby artifact you have used, right?




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