The real estate of the second phase of Shangjia Xinyuan, the second phase of the new city of Zhongxin City, did not pay much effort. Until the decoration, this 96 -square -meter second room for us made us rack their brains. The home decoration is unique, and finally the modern style is boldly modified, forming what it looks like today. If it is said that if you take it out to participate in the case competition, I am very confident to win the first place.

Create cement pouring through steel structures to divide this apartment into two floors. The first floor area built the location of the bathroom on the left position of the household to make the wet and wet separation. The middle area of ​​the room is the living room, and the kitchen is open.


The living room can be said to be a lot of projects in home decoration. Nowadays, more and more owners prefer simple atmosphere, so there is no need to decorate too much tedious decoration during the decoration process. The simplicity and atmosphere highlight the style and avoid the noise. However, in order to make the smell of “home” in the living room more prominent, some spotlights or downlights can be installed in the ceiling. This will not only stretch the visual effect, but also avoid the burden of complicated lighting. Of course, it will be cleaned in the future. Convenience.


On the first floor, enter the door for the porch, with a shoe cabinet, and a small storage room under the stairs.

The bedroom is a lounge area, and it belongs to the quiet corner of the family in the decoration, so the decoration mainly shapes a quiet atmosphere. A bed is placed against the wall, and it is perfect with a wardrobe and curtain.

The side of the staircase is the TV wall, which can save both space and increase storage function. The furniture is used as a whole, simple and stylish, and the lamps use ceiling lamps.


The other bedroom is tatami. Such a design can cover the shortcomings of the apartment, which can increase the storage and achieve reasonable use of space.

On the second floor, the left side of the upstairs is a leisure position. On the opposite side is the flower stand, the open bedroom, and the bed is also made of plate -type material. The opposite wardrobe increases the storage function.

The following is the apartment map of 96 square meters of two -bedroom houses in Shangjia Xinyuan Community in the second phase of this set of this set.


Create cement pouring through steel structures to divide this apartment into two floors. The first floor is located in the position of the toilet in the left position of the household to make a wet and wet separation. In the bedroom, a small bedroom and bathroom are built on the left.

Many people’s favorite modern style cases are introduced here. This 96 -square -meter two -bedroom decoration has completed all the decoration with only 80,000, and the effect is also very amazing. Many of them are worthy of money and decoration tips. I hope this case can help everyone’s decoration.