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On August 1, 2018, the official website of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce notified the 2017 circulation of leather shoes in the circulation field. According to the report, in 2017, with the approval of the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce organized the inspection and inspection of the quality of leather shoes in the circulation field in Guangzhou.

Judgment of this sampling inspection

25 leather shoes products are unqualified


The main problems involved are: it can decompose the harmful aromatic amine dye, logo (or logo), fold resistance, intrigue, peeling strength, lining and inner pad friction color and other items that are unqualified.

The inspection agency undertaken this sampling task is the Guangzhou Fiber Product Testing Research Institute. This random inspection inspection applies to GB/T 28863-2012 for sampling and judgment. The product supplier in the province is the same model of the same model of the same model as the same trademark (without the marking trademark, the same nominal producer).

The notification of various projects and the list of unqualified goods are notified as follows: as follows:


Can decompose harmful aromatic amine dyes

: This random inspection can decompose a total of one model of leather shoes with unqualified harmful aromatic amine dyes.

The dye that can decompose harmful aromatherapy refers to the dye that can decompose aromatic amine under certain conditions. Wearing leather shoes with this type of over -standard dye may lead to the lesion of the wearer’s body.

Reason for unqualified

Mainly product leather or textiles use dyes or pigments that can decompose harmful aromatic amine when dyeing or printing.

Can decompose the list


Slice and inner pads rubbing color fastness

: A total of 6 leather shoes products with unqualified friction of lining and inner pads in this sampling inspection.

The coloring of lining and inner pads refers to the performance of the original color to varying degrees to varying degrees of color. During the use of poor frictional strokes in the lining and inner pads, it is used to suffer physical friction in sweat -stained environment. The dyes are easy to fall off and fade, which not only affects the aesthetics, but also easily stains socks. It is harmful to human health by the skin by the skin.

It is mainly used as the lining or inner pad of the shoe material to use inferior dyes when dyeing.

Line and inner pad friction color fastness projects are unqualified products list


25款皮鞋存在开胶、褪色等问题 涉及红蜻蜓、意尔康等标称商标


: A total of 2 types of leather shoes with intriguing judgment of this sampling inspection.

Attentively installed on the waist nest between the sole and the outer and middle sole, it plays the role of “beam” to support and maintain the overall shape of the shoes. Its assessment indicators mainly include intriguing longitudinal stiffness and intriguing hardness. The intrigue hardness and intriguing vertical stiffness are unqualified, which can easily cause the overall deformation of the shoes, unstable wear, and even stomach and fall.

The main reason is that the quality of steel made of steel intriguing is that the intriguing is soft and the rigidity is too low, and the hardness is insufficient.

The list

25款皮鞋存在开胶、褪色等问题 涉及红蜻蜓、意尔康等标称商标



: A total of one model of leather shoes with unqualified compromise resistance in this sampling inspection.

Folding resistance is an indicator of whether the sole of the shoe is easy to break, whether the help surface is prone to cracks, cracks, and the bottom of the helper. Folding resistance is prone to problems such as sole fracture, helping surface, crack surface or gum with gum.

There are three main aspects:

One is

25款皮鞋存在开胶、褪色等问题 涉及红蜻蜓、意尔康等标称商标

During the production process of the shoe outsole, there are too many fillers, and the rubber content is low, which causes the rubber outsole to harden and become brittle, insufficient toughness, and easy to crack;

two is

The bonding of the gang and the bottom of the gang may be used to use the inferior adhesive or the adhesive binding process, which causes the flexion to open the glue;

Three is

There are defects in the design of the outsole pattern, and it is easy to accelerate the destruction of the outsole in response to the concentration of stress, which leads to poor fold resistance.

Folding resistance project unqualified product list


Peeling strength

: A total of 3 models of leather shoes with unqualified peeling intensity are judged this time.

Dipping intensity is an important indicator for assessing shoe products to bonding the sole. The peeled shoe with unqualified strength is easy to cause the sub -mouth to open and open the mouth to separate the top of the port, which affects the wearing.

The main reason for unqualified

It is mainly because the quality of the bonding agent used in the gang and the bottom of the gang is not controlled or the adhesive binding process is not in place, resulting in too low the intensity of the gang and sole adhesion.

Dipping intensity project unqualified product list

25款皮鞋存在开胶、褪色等问题 涉及红蜻蜓、意尔康等标称商标


Identification (or logo)

: A total of 21 products of leather shoes that are not qualified for this sampling judgment logo (or logo).

The main problems are manifested in the following aspects:

No shoe type, shoe numbers on the shoes or inner packaging;

The help of the noodle material is not marked or incorrect;

25款皮鞋存在开胶、褪色等问题 涉及红蜻蜓、意尔康等标称商标:点击”

The three packs are not marked;

25款皮鞋存在开胶、褪色等问题 涉及红蜻蜓、意尔康等标称商标

Four is

The product standards adopted are not clearly marked;

Five is

25款皮鞋存在开胶、褪色等问题 涉及红蜻蜓、意尔康等标称商标

Unbeaten production date;

Six is

There are no goods numbers on the shoes;

Seven is

The product level label is incorrect.

It is mainly because some producers have a fuzzy understanding, not deep understanding, and incomprehension, causing intentional or unintentional leakage and wrong labels.

List of logo (or logo) project unqualified product list

25款皮鞋存在开胶、褪色等问题 涉及红蜻蜓、意尔康等标称商标

The Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce has issued a notice to the relevant sellers to stop selling this inspection and judging unqualified goods (the same trademark, the same specifications of leather shoes products).

Industry and commercial and market supervision departments at all levels have implemented administrative penalties for unqualified commodity sellers found in the “Product Quality Law” and other relevant laws and regulations. At the same time Unqualified goods are delisted. For sellers who refuse to perform the delisting, the industrial and commercial department will investigate and deal with it according to law.

The non -qualified commodity manufacturers and related distribution units shall take the initiative to take measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

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Art Editor/Mizugawa

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Reason for unqualified

Reason for unqualified

Reason for unqualified

25款皮鞋存在开胶、褪色等问题 涉及红蜻蜓、意尔康等标称商标

Reason for unqualified

One is

two is

Three is