What kind of clothes should I wear? Elderly people must wear “elderly costumes”?

Age is just a figure, and fashion has nothing to do with age. Whether you are 60 or 70 years old, you have the right to pursue fashion, as well as elderly men.

Women are most afraid of their juniors who call themselves too much, and although men do not say, “Uncle” is often more comfortable than others call you “uncle”.

It’s not uncomfortable, or people are afraid of being seen by others who are old



It’s better to wear younger than to wear young

If men 6 or 70 do not want to be called “uncle”, they may wish to learn to reduce their age with the “old boys” in Shanghai. They are styles and gentlemen. The key is not old -fashioned.

No fear of age, unlimited style restrictions


If you want to wear young, you have to be restricted by age and style. You can get rid of those rules and be happy.

When elderly men choose a suit jacket,

Try to avoid solid color slimming style

, I was restrained and looked old.

The silhouette cut casual suit breaks the seriousness and color of conventional suits, and the blessing of striped elements enhance the styling sense.

You don’t need to “wear” in the suit

Inner high -necked sweater to create a temperament stacking effect, put on checkered casual pants and leather shoes,

Mix and match styles and gentlemen

Traditional “Grandpa Clothing” is prone to expose age. You can choose some of clothing items that are light and trendy, such as hooded sweaters, comes with fashion attributes and age -reducing effects, classic and versatile.

Avoid high -saturation color matching on the selection of sweaters, mainly in neutral and earth colors

, Match with workers and leather boots, then wear a Beret

Leisure and fashion wear

At the same time, it seems calm.

The work style is the most masculine dress style. It does not pick age and body shape, and the tolerance is very good.

When the elderly men are driving the work of the work, they can

Choose the most classic khaki color, and try to loosen as much as possible

It helps to modify the figure and cover up some of the shortcomings on the back of the hump.

If your own fashion expression is good enough, you can also try the “pajamas style” that has been very popular in recent years.

The characteristics of pajamas are simple and casual, mainly comfortable


In order to enhance the sense of fashion, it can be matched with baseball caps and sneakers, which can not only cover up the old state, but also the integration of sports elements also makes the overall shape look more vibrant.

The brand is surrounded, exquisite and stylish, tasteful


For the elderly, wearing a brand is by no means comparison and showing off their wealth, but more like a reflection of exquisite taste.

Sports equipment with blessing brand effects can also show fashion taste in addition to comfortable wearing.

A Gucci sports suit, beige base color matching with classic printing elements, creating a strong visual sense, at the same time

Sports single fabrics have certain elasticity, comfortable and stylish can also be tolerant of figure

, GUCCI Disney co -famous sneakers on the feet are fashionable and age -reducing.

When choosing accessories for elderly men, try to avoid those cheap online celebrities. The accessories should not be too much. You can click it, and you must show your personal taste. It is best to choose a big -name style.


Wearing a sleeveless shirt with checkered shorts, wearing

Chanel tie

Elegant and gentleman, even if the overall shape is slightly inconsistent with age, there is no sense of disobedience.


Men are in sneakers, like women to lipstick, even for old men, and they are very young to wear sneakers.


Of course, it is best to choose a well -known brand for sneakers. The purpose is not to show more money, but that the sneakers blessed by the brand are generally highly recognizable, which can help improve the return rate.

If in winter, you can also choose the “not rotten” rhubarb boots. The middle gang’s shape blessing increases the thick bottom, which will help lengthen the leg lines of the legs, achieve a high effect, and the shape of the shape is also very stylish.



Although dressing is only added to the skin, after all, “people rely on clothes, Buddha depends on gold”, people who can wear them often look more tasteful and younger.

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