February of the lunar calendar is a good time for hairdressers, but this year’s February 2 is different from previous years. Many barber shops did not open the door, and parents did not dare to take the baby out casually, but the hair of the baby who hadn’t gone out for a month had almost poked his eyes.

In fact, the baby’s hairstyle is very easy to take care of, do not pay attention to what hairstyle, as long as it is refreshing, suitable for long and short, does not cover sweat, and does not poke the eyes. If you ca n’t go out in the short term, you can do it at home.

If the father’s hairstyle is simple, you can also trim it with your baby at home.


However, it is a technical job to give birth to babies. Many parents have no experience before. At this time, the candidate is very important for tools.

When your parents buy a tool for their babies, they can refer to the following points:

1) Silent effect:

For baby hairdresser, the mute effect must be good, because the baby is more sensitive to noise. If the sound is too loud, it will easily cause the baby to cause fear, which will cause the baby’s irritability and crying emotions, and it will also affect the safety of the haircut process.

2) The head material:

The material of the baby’s hairdresser is generally stainless steel or ceramic, which is more recommended here.

Because the ceramic knife head is not resistant to falling, it is relatively safer, the shear force is strong, the heat is almost not produced at work, and the noise is relatively small.

3) Waterproof function:

Good waterproof can ensure that cleaning is more thorough, and the baby’s scalp is very delicate. If the haircut is not clean, it is easy to cause infection. Therefore, choosing a hairpot with good waterproof function is more hygienic and healthy.

This monthly hair device is your very powerful choice!

As another explosive haircut of Xiaomi Youpin, it is designed for the baby, with good quality, light sound, exquisite workmanship, etc., full of praise!

Especially suitable for children’s soft hair, not hurting the skin, and not having hair; ultra -mute motors can complete the haircut even when the baby sleeps, so as not to let the baby cry, parents will save trouble.


The operation is simple, the zero foundation can be used, and the length is to be used at will. Adults and children can use it, and you can get various hairstyles at home.

Let the baby complete the haircut during sleep

Many parents will have a trouble, that is, each time they take their children to the barber shop, they will cry, and they will feel messy.

This is because the baby is too small, and the strange environment of the barber shop is inevitable that there is insufficient security. Coupled with a hair dryer, a haircut, and noisy voice, it will make the baby irritable.


Therefore, the parents can give the baby a sense of security to the baby at home, but also to avoid cross -infections from the shared hair cutting tools of the haircut shop.

In order to bring a quiet haircut environment to the baby, this haircut uses an ultra -mute motor. The sound at the time of operation can hardly hear. Crying.


While the baby is sleeping, he can complete the hairline quietly and naturally, and parents can easily be a lot easier.

The trim is smooth, specially created for the baby’s fine soft hair


Is the haircut that is the most important?

The knife head uses nano -class ceramic blades, which has a sharp degree of sharp steel. It is more than ten times that of the stainless steel. Such a knife head is sharp and wear -resistant, and it is not easy to corrode.

Whether it is a harder hair or a soft hair loss, the trim is smooth or stuck, and there will be no sense of tech.

Double -cutting technology, trimming faster, easy to get the baby’s hairstyle twice.

And you do n’t have to worry about such a sharp knife head to scratch your baby. The knife head adopts an R -shaped rounded design and has been tested strictly.

Even if there is no problem with the hand, it is absolutely safe to give the baby’s immature skin.

The length is free to determine, the whole machine can be washed and cleaned more hygienic


Choose different positioning comb on different hairstyles, just put it directly on the knife head. There is no technical content, just push it along the scalp.


Simple operation does not have to worry about cutting for the first time.

And how long you want to stay for your own decisions, you don’t have to worry about what you think of and hairdressing is not a length.


Dad’s hairstyle is also saved.

The whole machine is waterproof and waterproof. You can rinse the underwater every time you use it. Dust the dust and dandruff remain. Even if you care for the baby’s skin, you can keep the whole family away from bacteria and cross -infection.

45 minutes of long battery life, enough for babies and dads to use it once.

Men’s hairstyles need to be taken care of frequently. Bring one with a short -distance travel, which is avoided to the barber shop and can maintain a good image at any time.

The two color matching are optional, and it is very comfortable to hold hands, simple and easy to use.

This price is enough to go to the barber shop twice. Now it is prepared at home. It is okay for a few years. It can easily save a lot of time and expenses, and the whole family can use it.

Technology intelligent manufacturing limited time discount: 129 yuan!

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Monthly Illfish

¥ 129