When I was young, my grandmother took my own soybean to make tofu every winter, then took the tofu home, half fry it into oil tofu, and half made of tofu. The tofu milk over there is white, but some families will sprinkle with pepper powder on it, and they taste more heavy.

Tofu milk is really a good thing. It not only contains nutrients such as amino acids, but also special appetizers. So a bowl of rice in the morning in winter+a piece of tofu is really the beginning of a day.

Tofu milk, also known as bean curd, is a traditional Chinese food that has been circulated for thousands of years in China. It has a good taste, high nutrition, smelly smelling, and tastes particularly fragrant. It is loved by people.

There are three major categories: green, red and white. Stinky tofu belongs to “green square”; “big pieces”, “red spicy”, “rose” and other “red squares”; “sweet spicy”, “osmanthus”, “Wu Xiang” and other “white squares”.

The representative of white milk is Guilin’s milk.

Guilin’s milk milk has a long history, and it is famous in the Song Dynasty.

Guilin’s milk milk has a complete set of processes from drying, filtering, and forming to dry and moldy. The selection of materials is very particular. The tofu milk cubes are small, the texture is smooth, the surface is orange and transparent, and the taste is extremely beautiful. Not only can it help digestion, but also the condiments to enjoy.

Red rotten milk has been selected from nearly thirty processes from the selection of materials.

After adding high -quality liquor after the bean curd altar, it will continue to be moist. It is the most traditional kind of bean curd after a few months.


The surface of the red bean curd is red, the cut surface is yellow and white, and the taste is mellow. Except for meals, it is often used for cooking condiments.

In addition to soybeans, there are taro. Its ingredients also contain more protein, which are characterized by positive, neat, delicate, and without odor.


Blue milk is also called Qingfang, which is commonly known as stinky tofu milk.

The green decoction is represented by Wang Zhihe, a centennial old store in Beijing, and the owner of Anhui Wang Zhihe was the inventor.

It is rumored that the father had opened a tofu workshop in his hometown.


One day of the summer, the remaining tofu was unable to eat the remaining tofu. If he does not give up, he cuts the tofu into small pieces, and then puts it in a small tank with salt. In the future, Wang Zhihe opened the cylinder head, and a smell came out. Take it out. The tofu has been blue and gray. After the taste, the smell contains a strong aroma. So he gave it to the neighbor to taste, and his neighbors praised them after eating. Blue milk has been circulating for more than 300 years.


Stinky tofu was loved by the Empress Dowager Cixi.

It is a pued recipe to add rice to the bean curd. It is drunk prescriptions that add rice wine. Sesame, rose, shrimp seeds, sesame oil, etc. are decorated.

Shaoxing, Ningbo, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places are famous for their delicate softness and sweetness; Tangchang tofu milk in Dai County, Sichuan is known for its spicy and fresh fragrance; cabbage tofu milk produced in Chengdu, Suining, Meishan and other places in Sichuan , Each piece of cabbage is wrapped in cabbage, the taste is delicious and pale;


Tea oil rotten milk is a type of bean curd, which is red -rotten milk. It is produced in Yongzhou, Hunan, Guangxi Guilin and other places.

The tea oil is mainly soybean. After adding pepper and salt, it is soaked in tea oil. The color is bright and delicate.

There are beuriation production in all parts of my country. Although the size is different, the ingredients are different, and there are many varieties, most of the production principles are the same.


After making soybeans into tofu, after a small piece, placed in a wooden box, and after the protease is emitted, the bacteria of the root mold with strong protease are emitted, and then enter the fermentation and pickled period. Add red curus, yeast, rice mold, etc. according to the requirements of different varieties, and store it.


In addition to the meal, it can also make a variety of delicious dishes as seasoning. Such as milk steamed bacon, bean curd steamed eggs, milk stewed carp, bean curd stewed tofu, bean curd large intestine. The fragrance of the dishes is fragrant, which makes the appetite greatly increase.