I believe that many girls should suffer from gynecological diseases, as small as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea; to vaginitis or more severe infection.

The biggest thing for women is

Gynecological diseases

Once the care is improper, it is easily infected by bacterial viruses and other diseased tract infections.

“unspeakable trouble”


, Also affect mental health.


Due to the different physical characteristics of men and women, the private parts of women are relatively fragile, and they are easily infected by bacteria, viruses, and mycoplasma.

As a close contact with it

Underwear, the first line of health for our private parts

Its safety and comfort are particularly important.

The World Health Organization has reminded women

80%of gynecological diseases are related to underwear!

As a close -fitting clothing, there will be a lot of secretions, sebums, and sweat on the underwear, and 600 kinds of bacteria such as E. coli, bacteria, and mold will be attached.

A pair of panties that wear more than 8 hours, more than 1,000 insect eggs and parasites, and more than 30 million germs.

If we accompany our underwear all day without sufficient moisture and breathability, the humid and sultry environment is very suitable for survival of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and molds.

Especially in summer, the temperature rises, if

Choose underwear improperly


The private part of the chief was stuffed with sweaty underwear, thousands of thousands

Bacteria are wanton to grow

, Destroy the flora balance, so

Summer is a high incidence of gynecological diseases



Therefore, the choice and daily care of the underwear are very important. First of all, you need to change the washing daily, and keep the underwear drying and drying.

And when choosing underwear, you need to value it especially



as well as


When it comes to breathability and humidity, it is necessary to recommend it to everyone

Ice panties

,not only

Feel smooth


, Personally wear

Light and breathable

It feels cold when wearing in summer, so Ice silk is called small air conditioning.

The so -called ice silk is a kind of transgender poly glue fiber, this fiber

Moisturizing and breathability than other ordinary fibers

Some, at the same time, also have better preservation and hanging properties.

And because the moisture content of ice silk meets the physiological requirements of human skin, it will feel cool and breathable when wearing it, so it is named Ice silk, which is cold and cold.

Especially suitable for summer.

I recommend a gentle and antibacterial effect today to you.

Silk antibacterial non -trace ice silk underwear

Ice silk fabric, ultra -thin and breathable, refuses to be sultry

Silk antibacterial non -trace ice silk panties overall

Use ultra -thin ice silk fabric

, 85%nylon plus 15%aminoly, absorbing moisture and breathable, smooth and soft.

a lot of

Ordinary cotton panties

It is relatively thick, and the breathability is generally not easy to dry, especially in summer, and sweat will penetrate into the underwear, causing the underwear

Bacteria crazy reproduction

, Affect physical health.

And this ice silk underwear has ultra -thin fabrics,

The thickness is less than 0.3mm,


It’s thinner than ordinary paper

You can easily see your fingers easily under the light.

In our repeated breathable test, you can see the steam easily overflow and breathable!


Do n’t worry about the sweltering and sweating at all, but also feel the cool skin -friendly feeling, creating it for our health

First line of defense


Taoxin butt version design, no trace of hips lifted


In addition to very necessary breathability and hygroscopicity, the version of the underwear is also very important for us.

Many times I sit up in my underwear and stand up, and I will find it if I find it

The underwear is pinched by both sides of the butt

It is very uncomfortable at this time but can’t pull pants under the public in the big court. It is really a bit


This ice silk underwear is designed with peach -hearted buttocks, which fit the hip type


Sub -anti -clip hip technology

, Can just wrap the hips.

And there is the effect of no trace hips. You must know that when many girls wear tight skirts, the choice of underwear is wrong, and the hips will

Obviously see

Outline of panties


The dressed up was beautiful, and instantly left a bad impression because of the traces of the panties of the hips.

And the peach -hearted buttocks design of this underwear, plus high bombs and light fabrics,


A piece of lock -free edge cutting

There is no trace of panties to wear,

Follow the hips like the second layer of skin

There is also a 3D hip lifting effect,

Easily create peach hips


, Let your temperament be improved immediately.

Natural mulberry silk illegal bacteriostatic crotch, care for the health of private parts

For gynecological diseases, most of them are caused by bacteria or mold. Isn’t it better if the underwear has bacteriostatic effect?

Yes! This ice silk underwear is important


The crotch position also uses natural mulberry silk fabrics rich in amino acids


3A Antibacterial effect

Natural mulberry silk



Inhibit some bacteria


Growth and reproduction, care for private parts and health.

The antibacterial effect is not in vain. Of course

Antibacterial effects have reached more than 60%

The dyeing process used is also

Environmental protection

, Don’t worry about discoloration, ensure the safety and health of the private parts.

Simple style and high level, full details

Simple solid color design, six fresh Morandi colors to choose from, each color is not public, but it comes with it

High -level sense

, Fresh and elegant, satisfy female friends’ “face value” for underwear.

The exquisite details can feel the designer’s full sincerity.

Will not produce marks

At the foot of the trousers, the seamless design,

No splicing

, Gently fit the thighs, both

Can’t teach your legs, nor can you roll the edge


, More comfortable to wear.

Not to mention the bottom gear of the silk, full

Small pores absorb humidity and ventilation

, Let important parts breathe freely.

As a contemporary woman, health is more important than anything, and no matter how poor you are, you can’t poor underwear!

This summer, choose a comfortable and healthy underwear to experience a different ice feeling together ~

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