Vortex flowmeters are often used to measure the volume flow of various media such as gas, liquid, and steam in industrial pipelines.


The structure and measurement principle of vortex flow meter

From the perspective of the appearance alone


Vortex flow meter

Let’s focus on the structure that the measurement part is used to generate a carmen vortex

Measurement pipeline structure

The vortex flow meter is based on the volume flowmeter used by the Cammen vortex to measure the medium fluid of the industrial pipeline. In short, the measuring the triangular column vortex occurred by the measuring pipeline in the pipeline of the medium fluid through the vortex flowmeter, which produces a regular vortex. This The vortex becomes a cardon door.

We set the frequency of the vortex to F, the average speed of the measured medium is V, the width of the vortex occurring the width of the flow surface is D, and the diameter of the surface is D. According to the principle of the Kamen vortex street, there is the following relationship: f (frequency frequency ) = ST (constant) V (flow velocity)/d (vortex occurring body width). It can be seen that we can measure the medium flow rate based on the frequency of vortex.

Specifications for installation of vortex street traffic meters

When measuring gas: When measuring the gas, install the instrument in the vertical pipeline, and the gas flow is unlimited.

When measuring liquid: When measuring the liquid, in order to ensure the full liquid in the pipeline, the flow should be guaranteed from the bottom up when installing on the vertical or tilted pipeline. If there is a small amount of gas in the pipeline, the instrument should be installed at a lower place.

Temperature compensation of vortex street flowmeter


Establishing Temperature pressure compensation installation method

What is temperature pressure compensation?


Temperature pressure compensation usually refers to the data measured by instrument measurement at a temperature of 25 degrees, and the pressure is under the condition of a standard atmospheric pressure. Generally, the temperature and pressure of the site are different from the standard. Therefore, the general instrument can measure the temperature and pressure of the site. The measurement results are automatically compensated by calculating the formula.

Temperature compensation for the common use of vortex street flowmeters

As mentioned earlier, the volume flow measurement measured by vortex street flows is generally settled in standard status flow. When the volume flow temperature or pressure of the gas changes, the flow will change.


When the vortex flow meter measures overheating steam, temperature and pressure are required at the same time; the steam is generally settled in quality flow. Because there is any change in temperature or pressure, the density of the steam will change, and the quality flow will change.

Vortex flow meter measures for steam temperature pressure compensation examples

On -site installation

The underlying program for temperature pressure compensation


Control algorithm

Flow data form statistics