Google Internet Balloon Project is accused of patent infringement

【Global Times Comprehensive Report】

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on June 16, a few months ago, Google started the first round of tests on Wi-Fi service PROJECT LOON, who was powered by balloons. The concept of this service is that the network of balloons can move along the edge of space and bring wireless network signals to remote areas around the world. However, a company named Space Data now sued it to court, accusing Google infringe up a patent more than 10 years ago, and violated the confidentiality agreement signed by both parties.

The complaint of Space Data Company presented to the North District Court of California stated that “the” Confidentiality and Disposter Agreement “(NDA), Project Loon, which was signed by the two parties in 2007, secret.

The company’s two systems based on balloons are operating, namely Skysat and Skysite, which can bring signals to the edge area.

The patent of the balloon network connection patent and the termination and recovery of these systems in 1999 and 2001 appeared in front of Google’s Project LOON.

At the same time, in the complaint, the data space company also pointed out that Google founder Sergei Brin and Larry Page visited the company’s headquarters in 2008 and participated in the balloon network technology conference. Prove. And in the same year, the Wall Street Journal also reported the visit.

“Space data and Google have conducted extensive discussions on the business of data space, including technology and financing models.” “Google has been in contact with the spatial data balloon network production line. The wireless communication provided by Space Data Corporation covers one -third of the United States. “A few years later, Google began to start Project LON.

Faced with these quality control, the Google spokesman only said, “There is nothing to say at this time.” (Internship compilation: Du Jian review: Li Zongze)

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