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1. Summary of content

“Beast Kingdom” tells the story of naughty boy Max: he and his mother made a noise and were locked in his room without dinner. Just like Odusus, who is alone, Max rotation began to voyage: a wave of waves brought a boat to Max. After almost a whole year, I finally came to the beast country. There, Maxis led the irritable beasts. After passing the crazy, he began to miss those who loved him the most. Finally, he gave up the throne of the king of the beast and returned to his loved ones who loved him the most. The anger has been scattered, and it is found that dinner is there.

2. Publishing information

Author: Morris Santaq

Publishing House: Guizhou People’s Publishing House

Publishing time: June 2014

Domestic translation “Where the Beasts Out of the Beast”, Taiwan’s translation “Beast Kingdom”





The first question: Why is there no protagonist Max on the cover?

This painting is not the duplication of a certain illustration in the book, but to extract key elements re -created paintings, understand this painting, and understand the entire work.

The second question: There were 5 or 6 beasts in the book. Why is this beast? Bull heads, people’s feet, doze.


My understanding is: the cover expresses a lot of information, and the author deliberately does not let the protagonist’s purpose, I am afraid to highlight MAX’s emotions. The whole work is to express the child’s emotions, and the cover has too many passwords. Although the cover does not see MAX, in fact, in fact, it is associated with MAX.


【Ring Line】


Background: ring lining, which is a very important picture language in the hardcover book. It is equivalent to the first melody of the drama.

If it is an image, you must stare in half a minute, thinking about what this picture means.

If it is only a single color, you can also think about the atmosphere of the entire book. Generally speaking, red, green, and blue have specific emotional meanings in the conventions of human beings. If it is a peaceful atmosphere, it will never be red; similarly, if it is a fierce plot, it will never be blue.


The first question: What does colorful leaves mean?

In this book, is the front lining and the rear ring completely the same to complex emotions?

【Fitage Page】

The first question: In the huge white space, only the title of the name of the will thinks are in the lower right corner. The relatively small words are set off with a relatively large white space. what does that mean?

This sense of space was intended to pass to the reader from the beginning.


Taiwan Han Sheng Magazine translates into “Beast Kingdom”, and the mainland Ajia teacher is translated as: where the beasts come out

On this page, we saw two beasts, and it didn’t seem to be fierce, but was frightened by a thin boy. The boy was wearing a wolf dress, dragging the wolf tail, carrying the crown, sticking to the beard, and a look of the king’s dominance, pretending to look like a cruel look. However, after all, the wolf clothes are children’s clothing, and there is a hint of funny and humorous in the meantime. Discovering, children’s clothing also means naive.

The first question: The end of the prelude, the author explained a lot of information, including: beasts are not fierce, boys are naughty, jungle, boat, and also caused readers to think: What kind of place is the “place” of the beast, Intersection

【No. 1 picture】


In the evening, Max put on his wild wolf and packed at home endlessly


Follow 1: “Night”, this is not a random day, but a specific “evening”. What happened at night? What caused Max’s Saro? No one knows.

Follow 2: At the end of one sentence, there is no punctuation symbol. This situation has appeared many times in the book, why? To attract readers to turn the page down.

There are very few textbooks. How to attract readers to consciously turn the page, there are many techniques, “Speaking half a sentence, incomplete to say”, this technique, Morris Sandak has used a lot.


In the first cross -page, the picture only used the area of ​​about a quarter of the right page. The picture was mainly based on the huge white border, conveying strong depression.

The protagonist Max is destroying: beat the nail with a hammer. The pictures are still static, but through movements, eyes, and hammers, I clearly saw Max knocking hard. What was the reason that caused his huge anger?


From the single pattern, hanger, and towels, it can guess that this is his mother’s bedroom. But all these items were re -organized.

A toy bear was hung under the hanger, which seemed to feel the twisted rack. The book stepped under Max’s foot is the civilization of human beings, which is a typical symbol of rebellion.

In the picture, Max is right, the bear to the left, and the separation of the sight makes the middle shape of the picture that cannot be visual. This method reveals a strong sense of uncertainty.

【No. 2 picture】


A sense of depression: The picture of this picture is slightly larger than the first picture, and it is also a sense of depression of the white border.

Max raised the fork high, rushing towards the puppy like a wolf, and the puppy fled. Why does Max go to chase puppies?

What does the painting on the wall represent? Obviously, what is Max’s creation?

This is a very critical clue that speculates that all the beasts in the book are created by Max itself, or imagined.

【No. 3 picture】


Mom rebuked: “Beast!” Max also yelled: “I want to eat you!” Mom didn’t give him food, and asked him to go to bed quickly.

Follow 1: But the author did not let the mother’s image appear and let the text add. Why?

Because the mother looks angry, if it is drawn, it may be “other people’s mother”, not to solidify the image of the mother, and not to solidify the child’s imagination.

Synthetic page 1:

Follow 1: From the perspective of text, three pages before and after, three paragraphs. The author’s intention is to let readers connect three pictures and three scenarios. What are the effects you can see?

The text has no punctuation, let you continue to read.


Three pictures and three scenes are getting bigger and bigger. Emotions are getting bigger and bigger -static order -dynamic dog -speech conflict

1. Compared with the first two screens, the third picture shows the law of gradually expanding. This painting is the apex of anger in the entire story.

Max’s face was towards the left side and outside the door, and it seemed that the voice of her mother came in outside the door.

2. Max stands, the moon, pillow, and three points to form a triangular area. Max is at the bottom of the inverted triangle, giving a strong psychological suggestion: instability.

3. The first act of the first scene explained Max’s wild and angry.


【Fourth picture】

That night, a tree grew out of Max’s room.

From the text, there is no end to this sentence. It implies that the reader should read it back. After reading the second sentence, you can also come back to read the text and pictures.

The biggest change on this page is to grow six trees. The picture area is a bigger circle than before, and the picture is brighter. The moon outside the window appears for the second time, clearly, and the lack of more.

Secondly, the expression of Max: Max’s expression:

Max’s face turned from outside the door, turned to inside, and the corner of his mouth began to rise, tied his hands, his left foot was tilted, and a little relaxed look after a negative air. The eyes were closed, and there seemed to be a expression of slowly entering the dream. It can be speculated that Max, who closed his eyes, imagined the tree. Finally, pay attention to the moon and stars outside the window. The moon is clearer and the stars have increased.

【Fifth picture】

It has grown into a forest …

The trees are more, the table is blocked by the bushes, the ground is basically covered by weeds, and the shape of the bed and door gradually blurred. There are more stars outside the window.

At this time, Max rose, covering his mouth, showing that he had entered his dream very satisfied, and his room completely turned into the beast country.

【No. 6 picture】

It grows to the ceiling and hangs into the vines, and it becomes a wild world.

In addition to the picture on this page, the picture has been covered with the entire picture, and it is found that Max also faces us back. Why? Sandak’s extraordinary place: For a few consecutive pages, it portrayed Max’s expression in detail, but when Max entered the beast country as he wished when he entered the beast country, when everyone wanted to see Max’s expression, , Leave white.

Synthetic page 2:

At this time, the image occupies a complete page. From page 1 to page 6, from out of anger to “fleeing” the wilderness, the protagonist’s emotions have changed completely.

The position of the moon has not changed, and the position of Max has not changed, indicating that it is still in its own room, but the room is replaced by the “wilderness”. Although Max faced us at this time, he would definitely guess from Zhang dancing claws that his expression must be ecstatic.

【7th picture】

A wave of waves brought a search boat to Max. He drove the boat and set off. After night, the daytime,

A large tree and crown extend to the left, indicating what to indicate?

From 1/2 cross -page, the picture “developed” into half a little, a large tree and canopy, extending to the left, indicating that the space of the soul is getting wider and wider. At this point, Max was facing us, Max was sitting on the boat, leisurely, very comfortable.

A “Max” boat, the boat is small, and Max (Max) is overlapped. Remember the second cross -page, the paintings hanging on the wall of the stairs? “By max”. Based on this, is it also a ship model made by Max?

【8th picture】

After a week after week, after almost a whole year, I finally arrived at the beast country.


The picture occupies two -thirds of the entire cross -page.


The boat could not go ashore in the middle of the boat. Behind the boat, a monster came out of the sea, and it took a breath to help Max lean on the shore. Max was obviously startled.

The center and wind direction of the Max ship have also changed.

【9th picture】

When he arrived at the beast country, the beasts made a terrible roar, showing terrible teeth, turning terrible eyes, and stretching the terrible paws.

This page, the biggest change is the layout, from the left and right separation of 1: 2 to the separation of the separation, about 2: 1, which is wider and a bit like a wide -angle mirror.

Zhangya dancing the claws to welcomes Max, Max’s expression was angry, isn’t he afraid?

If we encounter strange animals, they suddenly rush up, and the instinctual response must be scared and avoiding it. However, Max is now on his left hand, and his right hand holds the boat gang. Why not be afraid?

If you rush to your own pets, of course, you will not be afraid. So, are these beasts, is it the pet of Max?

We are going back to the second cross -page again, yes, that is the painting, whether it can be inferred: these beasts are painted by Max.

There is a detail here to pay attention to: a small yellow flag on the top of the mast.


On the seventh page, the flag is right (Shunfeng); page eighth, the flag to the left (against the wind, so it is difficult to lean off); page ninth, the flag is blowing to the right (monster). The wind has been changing. The waves on the eighth page are obviously larger than the seventh page, indicating that there are still risks at sea.

Synthetic page 3:

【10th picture】

Max said to them, “Don’t move!” He stared at the yellow eyes of the beasts fiercely, not blinking in a blink, and tame them with magic. The beasts were frightened, saying his worst beast.

In this picture, Max made a fixed way to the beast and motionless.

Follow 1: The right side of the picture, hiding a horny beast behind the tree, and a head out, why didn’t it come out?

The other beasts covered their faces with their hands, but the horn beasts did not move.

These four beasts, on page 9, are relatively fierce, holding two claws and standing. On page 10, he covered his head and sat down. It was Max’s turn to raise his hands.

【11th picture】

He also wanted him to be the king of the beast country. “Now, let’s make trouble,” Max screamed.

Max was wearing a crown, holding a staff, sitting on the small pier and sending an order. The five beasts made a respectful look. Throughout the picture, the text area has been squeezed to the narrow one, indicating that the climax is coming.

There is a monster here. His father.

【12-14 picture】

Three consecutive full pages:

In the 12th cross -page, Max led the beasts to dance and howl at the moon;

In the 13th cross -page, they hung on the tree and carnivated all night.

In the 14th cross -page, Max rode on the back of the horns beast, claiming that the king dominated. They started the queue parade.

The author used three consecutive across pages to express the wild party of Max and beasts into a climax.

These three pages have no text, only a full -range pattern. Seeing these three continuous pictures, whether adults or children will have a feeling of liberation. The anger in the protagonist Max all diverged and swept the haze.

There is no text in the three pages, why?

It seems that after Max “open trouble”, all the texts seem to be superfluous, silent and sound, this joy and noise, adding any text to feel silly and extra … here, it seems to know more about it. Children, it can be seen that adults can be awakened by the author, understand the child’s mood better, and can also consider it from the perspective of the child. So why isn’t the child’s understanding, how important it is to the child, it is difficult to buy it! Although there is no text, but here, the children’s focus, condensation, and calmness are surprised by adults. They were deeply attracted, impressed, and the story entered their hearts.

In these pages, Max’s position has also changed.

On page 12, Max shouted on the ground, roaring, and his location was a little lower than most beasts.

Page 13, the position is flat

On page 14, riding on the beast shows that the beast has been completely conquered, and it is more interpreted. The beast that Max rides is his father. Some dad is in the guardian (the moon has also appeared many times, the moon to the full moon, the bending and even the full picture book, many people interpreted that the moon is the representative of the mother, the mother’s sexual shining Mom’s love has always been there)

There is a beast in everyone’s hearts- “Beast Country” Guide



























The climax of the drama often means that the later plot will gradually calm down. After the haze in the heart is swept away and light, it will naturally tend to be calm and rational.

【No. 15 picture】


“Stop!” Max said. He is not allowed to eat, and he wants to go to bed. At this time, King Max was very lonely, and he wanted to go back to the one who loved him the most. Suddenly, he smelled a delicious taste, and from the end of the world, he decided to give up the throne of the beast country.



After a night of carnival, the sky was bright, and the beasts were tired. The three beasts were snoring, only Max was thinking. Obviously a carnival, should be happy, but Max feels “lonely.”

Children will not explain rational and systematic thinking. The child’s thinking is completely intuition and emotional. Max must feel that during the carnival, the beasts did not accept him from the heart and unconditionally, but the component with suspicion and conspiracy. This can be seen from the expressions and eyes of the beasts in the three consecutive pictures in the previous three consecutive pictures.

When the child feels lonely, he must miss the parents, especially the mother, so “he wants to be the place where someone loves him most”, that is, Max “escapes” because of resisting his mother’s punishment. Still eager to “return”. This seems to be the nature of children.


When he was eager to “return”, he coincided with “the fragrance of delicious food”. This is a typical dream.

Follow 1: The second point is the horns. Why is the position of the horns so close to Max? Speaking alone after the story.

Synthetic Figure 4:

In this picture, there are two places worth thinking about.

The first point is Max’s tent and small round stool, isn’t it the first one in the page? It turned out that at the beginning of the story, I bought the “escape” foreshadowing.

The stool also appeared again. When it appeared for the first time, it was stepped under the feet by Max. When Max thought about it, the stool was sitting under the buttocks, which also echoed.

【No. 16 picture】

But the beasts shouted, “Don’t leave, don’t go -we want to eat you, we love you so much!” Max said, “No!” The beasts made a terrible roar, showing terrible teeth, showing terrible terrible teeth, showing terrible terrible teeth, showing terrible terrible teeth. His eyes stretched out the terrible paws, but Max still got on his boat and waved to the beasts to say goodbye.

Pages 15 and 16, the proportion of the screen is gradually decreased, and the author consciously pave the way for the end of the story.


On this page, the expression of the beast obviously revealed the cruel nature. Fortunately, Max had successfully drove away.

The text on this page basically repeats the previous pictures. “I want to eat you” is the third thing that Tu Max shouted at her mother; the four “terrible” are the repetition of the ninth page; it is the repetition of the ninth page on the ninth page, but the bow is dropped.

In the entire book, Max on this page is the most calm, calm, and firm. It seems that we have felt that he has completely handled his emotions, vented it, and he could go home well. The eyes of the beasts are also different, even if it is waiting for the eyes, it is not terrible.

【No. 17 picture】


The boat has been walking for nearly a year, a week after week, and a whole day.

The structure of this picture is left and right typesetting. The picture is right, occupying 2/3 of the area, which is basically the same as the seventh. The difference between the two pictures lies in the direction of the bow; day/night;

Follow: Max’s expression, the ecstasy of escape after the mania and the loneliness of the escape and the carnival.

Max’s expression: The first reaction of the children, Max fell asleep, from the expression, I saw that Max might be hungry and tired at this time, but at this moment, he missed his mother, miss the family, and loved him. Essence

Note: After Max stepped back to the city, the picture began to become smaller. The author reflects the protagonist’s emotional and emotional changes through changes in the picture.

Synthetic page 5:

Under the clear night sky, Max returned to his heart. The heart is like an arrow, and it can be seen from the flag on the mast: the smooth wind at the time of departure and the backwind when returning home.

【18th picture】

Back that night, returned to his room, and found meals waiting for him.

On the round table, the food appeared, and the flower pot was moved, indicating that during Max “escape”, her mother entered the room.


Synthetic page 6:

Moon changes:

1. Seeing this round of full moon, careful classmates will definitely have questions. In 3-6 pictures, the moon is curved.

2. In Figure 10-12, the moon is also different.

3. In the last two (17-18) pictures, how did the moon become round? And the text on page 18 clearly says: “The night before departure.”

My understanding is: the moon also implies Max’s mood. The clouds of the moon are full of gurgles, and the mood of Max is fully matched.

【No. 19 picture】

It’s still hot.

Follow one: Full white, only four words and one end. What do you tell readers?

The author is using huge gaps to tell the reader that Max has returned successfully, the story is over, and everything has returned to calmness.

One of the reasons that picture books are often criticized by the layman is: it is so expensive, but it is crude, and there are many gaps in the middle, which is simply cheating.

The title page has a huge name of white+at the bottom right. The end of the story is a huge white+four words on the left.

The text is on the right, reminding the reader to turn down. The text is placed on the left, and at the end of the end, does it tell the reader? The story is finished, and the book should be combined, because it is blank on the right hand side and nothing.


【back cover】

Strike the Chinese version of the “Cadick Gold Award” pattern again, and its rigidity has entered the beautiful picture. On the other hand, the award -winning information is only a row of small characters above the back cover: WinnerofthecalDecottMedal


Fifth, winning and recommendation records

The masterpiece of the 1970 Handis Awards Painter Award winner

1964 Cadick Prize Award

1963 New York Times Best Picture Book of the Year

In 1964

In 1981, the Boston Global Daily/”No. Corporation” magazine award picture book award

In 1995, it was rated by the New York Public Library as one of the 175 “Century Books” in the 20th century.

In 2001, it was named “Most Best Selling Children’s Books in all times” (hardcover) in the United States “Publisher Weekly” in 2001. He was selected as “100 picture books that everyone should know” in New York Public Library, and was selected as “Rainbow Reading in Rainbow Reading Good book list “.

“Beast Country” was listened to the children by Obama at the White House. Tell a tender story between naughty boys and severe mothers. The child’s naughty triggers his mother’s severe reprimand, and fantasized himself to have a free beast country. After he led a group of citizens to play crazy, he missed his mother and returned to the human world. Teng dinner. It turns out that love has always been there.

Introduction to the author

Sandak won the Cadick Gold Award in 1964 with the book “Beast Country”. Morris Sanda’s works include “Beast Country”, “Kitchen Night Fantastic”, “In that distant place” (these three works are also known as Sandak’s most famous picture book trilogy).)