Every year, the fashion circle has a few different wind directions, from her boyfriend’s wind, minimalist wind, to cool wind, sweet wind and so on.


Small incense wind

However, it is enduring, especially in the spring and autumn, whether it is pedestrians on the street or the airports of various stars, you can always see the figure of Xiaoxiangfeng.

Xiaoxiangfeng, as the name suggests, comes from the classic set of Chanel’s family, often chooses the classic black and white color matching and deconstructed silhouette, as well as the most soul



So why can soft flowers become an indispensable element in the small incense wind?

Because it is both classic and versatile, but also fashionable and elegant, wearing various occasions is full of advanced!

Classic versatile

Each age can be worn. From the sweet girl aged 17 or eight to the intellectual woman of the 60 or 70s, wearing it can show the charming charm of different stages.

In addition, I do n’t know what jacket to wear like this now? Just wear it! Whether it is a dress, white T, or small foot pants, wide -leg pants, you can match it at will.

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With pants, not only the lower body is stretched, but also the ladylike temperament of Xiaoxiangfeng.

Performance in the workplace

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Speaker of high -necked sweater + long skirt, proper


I am a furry pumpkin hat adding a sense of fashion, coupled with the delicate small fragrant breeze jacket, the overall temperament is up!

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Stylish and elegant

The simple and elegant design style has been sought after by the fashion circle, and the major shows have small incense winds.

With the constant changes in fashion, Chanel naturally also puts on its own classic style


From color to version, the style is no longer limited to elegance, adding more leisure elements, but it is more suitable for the taste and pursuit of young people at the moment, but even so, Xiaoxiangfeng never abandoned its soul-




The fabric is delicate, soft and skin -friendly

This dress uses

Rough flower

The material, the wool is woven to create a irregular texture, thick and stiff material, so that the clothes are both stiff and soft, and the softened, chic and advanced.


In addition to using Chanel’s iconic design elements, this one recommended by Liya, it also added another addition

Gold and silver wire, color line


Create a richer layered texture, which not only enlarges the elegant style of Chanel’s family, but also enhances the delicate texture of the entire clothes.


Touch it to the soft and thick, although it is coarse woolen material, but put it on


No one or a stabbing person

And more than ordinary knit sweater


Keep warm




Now that this kind of cold and hot weather is right, especially in the spring and autumn season!


More importantly, this fabric is still


Wear -resistant and dirty

, One can reach several others. Even if the office workers in the face of computers often grind to the cuffs of clothes, this one is not very good at getting the ball.



The version is thin and the details are exquisite

Choose the classic of the small incense wind in the neckline

Round neck

, Simple atmosphere, will not look short necks. Whether it is paired with a round -necked T -shirt or a high -necked base, it is very eye -catching.


The overall version is a slim and capable silhouette.

H version

All figures can be controlled, not as bloated and non -type like loose sweaters, nor do they expose their figures like tight clothes.


The length of the clothes is just a little on the buttocks, not pressing height, and the hem of the clothes expands forward properly, modified the width, and also covered the small belly with a bit of fleshy.

The accurate shoulder position and sleeve -cubic wrapping leaves have room for room, and the whole person looks slender and slim, and it is not convenient to act.

A little bit



The design, modify the lines of the shoulder, and immediately have right -angle shoulders, which is very suitable

Shoulders, narrow shoulders


The unique golden buckle is looming inside, and the small details reflect the luxury in the low -key.

The symmetrical geometric pocket design on both sides, lipstick, key, and even mobile phones can be easily installed, and it is not abrupt.


At the same time, both


, Increase the beauty of clothes.



The degree of versatility, exceeding imagination!

There is no small incense wind jacket in a woman’s wardrobe! This sentence is right! As long as a small fragrant cardigan and n are worn, you can choose various styles.

Xiaoxiangfeng+denim straight pants = refreshing and cool

The light -colored denim jacket is slightly mature, a small incense wind jacket has another layer of literary atmosphere, and there is a touch of free in the formal occasion.

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With jeans, suitable for any occasion, the fresh blue neutralizes the thick dullness brought by the thick flowers, which enriches the overall color. It will not weaken the softness brought by the small incense wind. Essence


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Xiaoxiangfeng+black trousers = intellectual elegance

Xiaoxiangfeng comes with a woman’s tenderness, with neutral black trousers, and immediately injects it into injection



Black and white are classic and versatile colors. Even the most basic black trousers, with small white incense winds, break the boring of wearing colors and highlight the elegance.

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In any suitableness, it can be SLAY. The proportion of wide -leg pants and small high heels can be stretched, and the long legs become long.

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Xiaoxiangfeng+white wide -leg pants = gentle and comfortable

A white match is very bold, the mop white trousers are thin and warm. With the blessing of white incense wind, the whole person is like a soft and cute little white rabbit, soft and soft.

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Xiaoxiangfeng+short skirt = fashion temperament

Still familiar


“Upper width and narrow”


The sloppy dress formula, the small incense wind top of the silhouette not only covered, but also shows thin legs.

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Both skirts and small incense winds are



Full of items, once it is matched, there is unexpected spark.

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Some people wear small incense winds are the goddess of tempera