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Today I want to share a set of creative wear with you,

A fashionable lady was shot on the street wearing a white printed dress and chose a large number of flower elements, which is beautiful like a fairy. Dress is an indispensable item for many young ladies and sisters. Different styles and different styles of dresses are worn on her body, exuding different charm of young ladies and sisters.


Just like this young lady wearing a palace style dress, white base, with a golden flower pattern printed on it, because it is golden, it looks particularly noble and elegant, and she is very eye -catching walking on the street.

At the same time, the skirt is also a large square collar design, retro and fashionable, full of classical temperament. Plus


Design of lantern sleeve



Create a fantasy sense,

The court is full of wind,

The fashion effect is particularly good. The skirt also uses tulle elements, with long legs looming and particularly sexy.

The hem of the skirt is an irregular design, showing a curved design, which is very designed.

The younger sister tied his head, youthful youth, and at the same time, it seemed very cool in the hot summer.


The younger sister stepped on a pair of transparent high heels, showing her elegant and tall figure.

From the color of the whole body, the white base and golden flowers can set off the younger sister’s skin and have a good age reduction effect. The young lady’s shape, where she looks like a 30 -year -old person, feels 18 years old.


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The younger sister is full of printed printed dresses in the court, sweet and age -reducing age