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A group of beautiful combined posters with Dongxing Securities ( logo recently triggered a hot discussion. Several female employees in the poster, with Christmas theme costumes, and leave personal information such as name, QQ number.

This netizen said: “Is it so much in the financial industry?”

For the netizen “Industry Volume” comment, a female researcher at a securities company did not agree, she said to the interface news: “Doing it on the legs, this is not the financial industry ‘internal volume’, but the lower industry. Even if you want to compete, you can compete to excellent directions, make better products and marketing. “

On December 24, Dongxing Securities issued a statement on this matter:

Dongxing Securities said that after the company discovered, the relevant personnel have been requested to remove the related photos. For related personnel, the company has requested that it is required to regulate personal behavior and take responsibility investment.

On December 24, 2021, China Securities Industry Association announced the results of the 20021 Securities Company’s bond business practicing ability evaluation results, and Dongxing Securities were reviewed as A.

The marketing technique of the beauty beat is not the first case in the financial circle. Previously, Yongchang futures made 7 female employee beauty into a 2022 desk calendar, which also triggered a hot discussion.

In fact, the Securities and Regulatory Commission has a clear norm in the publication of the statement of securities companies.

In November, in the “Institutional Supervision Notice”, the Securities Regulatory Commission made the statement of the securities company to organize staff publicly issued a statement, and mentioned that “low customs”, “glaring”, “blogging”.

The Dongxing Securities staff took the “Christmas” Dazhou long legs stepped on the red line of “glaring.”

For securities companies, the marketing communication behaviors of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Liu Jun, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said, “In the past ‘female sexual objective’ phenomenon, women exist as passive objects. In this incident, if It is a female voluntary shooting and display sexy image, and it seems to be female voluntarily to internalize male consumption into its own standards and actively catering, thus achieving a stone bunch: On the one hand, I will take male eyeballs to self-entertainment or enhance self-recognition; on the other To other sympathetic demonstrations, let yourself be in the secularity competition. “Liujin said.