Mark Fairwhale

Many people think that this is a brand from abroad, because the name is really a bit like a fruit name ~

However, people are

True domestic original design brand

Design strength has always been a bar droplets! With a unique design, the annual income is


35 billion



BUT! Mark Wahi is not only in the design of the apparel design, and the physical store is also designed to be special! ▼ ▼


For a few days ago, Mark Huafi opened a fast flash shop.

“Not normal print shop”

, The value of the value, it has not been said! I don’t want to come in the kind! do not! good! Look!


The entire store is popular. All kinds of walls are integrated


The illustration is extremely fun, and the visual impact is very powerful. I can’t forget it!


Mark Huafi also invited the UK Pop Art Illustrator Mark Wigan to create a strong sense of feelings.


Such a colorful, unique space, but also in line with the aesthetics of the young people in the pursuit of personality ~ like the window of this small young feature like

Take a photo on such a wall, it is really very capable of expressing your own unique personality and taste. This is also a new generation of young people who want to convey to the outside world. Send a circle of friends, the face is full!


The suspension of the sky is more than Mark Waffield’s flash shop, and its smart store is also very powerful, and the strong future is like the future of the world!

Mark Fairwhale Wisdom Store

Shanghai Zhongshan Park, this smart store, I used some on the door.

Neon element


On the side, there is also an electronic screen, the green display and the green letters on the center of the door echoes each other, and the technology is particularly strong.


Bright lights, straight tracks, and stainless steel, just like a time and space tunnel, let you feel that you are in the sci-fi world, everything is full of unknown wonder. I feel that I have entered a sci-fiction! ! !

The wall is incorporated into some green geometry to increase visual integrity, and also echoes green on the door. Fresh green and gray black play geometric splicing, still prevad! Personality is also young.

The shelf is also a simple line design. The metal textured shelves and stainless steel walls are all integrated with all the way, so that the entire visual looks more unified.


Since it is this smart store, of course, you can’t have a variety of

“Black technology”


Next to this door, there is one side.

“Black Technology Mirror”


. This magic mirror uses RFID RF induction technology. As long as you stand in front of it, you can see the test effect directly.


This “Mirror” can also browse a variety of product information, then try to try on & order!


This shop also provides customers with VIP exclusive fitting rooms, at all, do not have to queue in trial suit. As long as you become a member of Taobao, you can immediately go in the fitting room and open a fresh trial experience.

I have all the clothes you can do whole, you can try it directly. If you have no robust, the key is that you don’t have to queue squeeze, is it very cool? !

Young people like to bring them a convenient store. Because the current young people are too impetuous, others can wait until the feet, you still expect them to wait for the clothes room? ?


This wave of operation is simply young people’s gospel!


Mark Hawu, this trick, it is absolutely!


After watching Mark Waffefield, he had to be amazed, and our national brand store has really improved a lot in vision and experience! The most important thing is enough to get enough. actually,

The walking store brings us not only a fresh and beautiful visual, but also a wonderful experience.


As long as the store is enough, there is no customer!