Hee Polynoma Strange Boots


The fashionable and sexy snake pattern splicing short boots brings a hint of wild personality to the shoes. It is a must -have for sexy goddess. The shoe tube is made of sheep anti -fleece material, soft and low -key, but with connotation. The insole is the insole. Artificial short plush, comfortable soft and warm, frosted leather, luxurious connotation.

Snake Skin Switch Boots


The same is the splicing of snakeskin. This snakeskin splices is less, which is relatively low -key. It will have a special temperament with nine -point pants or exposed ankles. The 1cm waterproof platform is just right and not tired of walking.

Korean zipper weaving short boots

A particularly distinctive zipper weaving short boots, 3D perfect type, immediately create a perfect foot type, complicated hand -woven, strong and durable, can also prevent breaks, keep warm and short plush inside, let you wear comfortable wearing comfortable in the inside At the same time, keep warm.

Hei Man leather waterproof platform high -heeled boots

If you like bright skin, you can look at this leather high -heeled short boots. The high waterproof platform is equipped with a fine heel to make you walk and enchanting, and it will attract everyone’s attention at once.


Fruits leather fine heel boots

This can be said to be the one that all goddesses love, matte leather fine heel boots, classic and sexy wine glass heel, which is the most prominent heel, low -key but unable to cover luxury frosted leather material, comfortable and highlighting temperament of temperament Essence


Head boots in scrub leather

Don’t think that only if you have thin heels, the goddesses like it, and the rough heel is also a good heel. It is a good choice to walk a lot of rough heels.