FM intoxicating night incense jade (Flower incense finger)

馥马尔 醉人晚香玉(花香染指) 艳压百花之上的晚香玉香水

Smelly: Ugli Nighty Jade Orange Blossom Coconut Coconut Jasmine Jasmine Yilan Fragrant Lemon Musk

① When the front adjustment comes up, it is actually a strong night incense jade. The sense of aggression is very strong, but the addition of Yigali makes the evening incense more green leaves and coolness, plus the taste of a little melon, 吲哚 吲哚, 吲哚The taste is not so smoky and obvious. It feels a bit of a bit of athletes. There is still a little transparency in the green, and it will not be easy to dizzy.

② When I arrived in the middle of the night, the Xiangyu is still the protagonist, and it can still smell the breath of Jasmine and Yilan. The middle granularity is slightly stronger. With the freshness of coconut and orange flowers, the incense is slightly soap, slightly sweet, slightly sweet, and slightly sweet. Fresh and white flower fragrance, there is no sense of chemistry.

③ In fact, the rear adjustment has not changed much, but with the passage of time, the white flowers weaken in the back, the taste of the melon is more obvious, the sweet and sour fruit aroma is upward, and the aroma becomes softer and sweet.

馥马尔 醉人晚香玉(花香染指) 艳压百花之上的晚香玉香水FM 醉人晚香玉(花香染指)

Face value: 8.0 points

Expansion: 9.5 points

Stay incense time: 6-12 hours

Perfume Gender: Female

Perfume score: 8.8 points

馥马尔 醉人晚香玉(花香染指) 艳压百花之上的晚香玉香水

Summary: [馥 馥 FM intoxicated night incense jade (flower fragrance dyeing finger)] This perfume is actually a bit unexpected, because there are many perfumes of the night incense, such as Diptyque Dussang, Gucci Huayue, etc. Uncle Mo smells the most comfortable one. Although the incense jade suddenly appeared at the beginning, it would basically not be fragrant. The high -concentration white flowers would bring a high concentration. I live in Zhonghe. Although you can smell it, you will not hate it. This perfume’s evening fragrance jade is very full, elegant, full of momentum. It is a little green flower fragrance. Essence