Shoes are casual items that women often use in women. In the style of Japanese women, casual sheet shoes are extremely common with single products, both with pants or skirts. Today, let me share these Japanese sneakers. Some styles are very beautiful, but some may not seem appropriate for our Chinese women.

“Sneakers X Pants” Japanese winter match

Baker pants x high -top shoes

Cooked in winter casual clothes, combining high -top shoes and casual American Baker Pants.

Short lowering and high -top shoes are well balanced. The coarse knitted top adds a cute atmosphere.

With fluffy artificial fur bags, it can add a sense of winter and complete the stylish and casual style.

Core velvet pants x white board shoes

Classic single -chin pants in winter with casual matching, combined with white sneakers.

These two items are dark brown and white colors, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

With a large camel coat, use a red sweater to increase the color.


Use a golden earrings to match the leisure dress with the overall loose outline to improve the temperament.

Wahfe Shi X Pelvic Jacket


If you want to wear casual pants during the winter vacation, you can use Walph’s pants to match.

Black pants and black high -top shoes are combined to create a sense of unity.

The inside uses a stand -up neck shirt and round neck knitting, which is full of comfort.

With a plush jacket can bring a cute look.

Casual pants x long coat

Loose pants, it is recommended to wear in an outing and travel in winter. Match high -side shoes with such wide -leg pants.

Mature brown sneakers are very suitable for autumn and winter casual outfits.

By combining fashion and delicate hue to enhance your style. Tie with a white scarf to complete the shape.

Wide -legged pants x high neck knitted


The light and cute winter shape combines white knitted with beige wide -leg pants.

The pair of sneakers can choose brown.

In addition, you can use unique bags to increase modeling creativity.

Mid -line pants x long coat


This light and fashionable dress combines black shoes with clean mid -line pants.

The color of brown and black looks fashionable in winter.


Simple and high -quality black shoulder bags are consistent with the black of casual canvas shoes and sweater, adding an elegant atmosphere.


“Sneakers X Jeans” Japanese winter match

Jeans and pants X -hole coat

Classic combination of casual sneakers and denim trousers.

By wearing a simple large contour plush jacket, paired with white sneakers, and wearing a logot shirt inside, it will leave a deep impression.

Wide -legged jeans x high neck knitted knitted

High -tech shoes with folding trousers jeans are very balanced.

The coarse sweater and sneakers are brown, creating a matching appearance.

If a checkered scarf is added, it can be used for winter fashion.

Tremella and high -quality watches are also very mature.

Slim jeans x plush coat

Mickey printed sweatshirts were put in a simple winter casual outfit. The cute atmosphere is complete.

Choose a pair of white canvasine shoes to match, and keep a balance with a plush coat.

Use sunglasses to add fashion to the shape.

Cone jeans × coarse wool drift shirt

High -tech sneakers and cone -shaped jeans with clean outlines create a sense of balance.

The same brown sneakers and cardigan can bring a sense of unity to leisure fashion in winter.

The combination of classic jeans and sneakers, coupled with the stylish coarse knitted cardigan, is more cute.

Black jeans X checked coat

Black jeans and monochrome clothing with black tops, paired with checkered jackets to complete beautiful winter wear.


The shoes used are wine -red sneakers, which are incorporated into the dark construction type.

By daring to expose the skin of the ankle, it can bring a light texture to your winter.

Black jeans x 套 joint jacket

The combination of black tight jeans and black high -top shoes can be used for leg length.

The simple white knitting is full of outlines. The seam jacket adds handsomeness to the soft winter dress.

“Sneakers X Half skirt” Japanese winter match

Lauret skirt x fashion knitted knitted

The lattice tight skirt, the hem is treated with a fashionable beard.

High -top shoes with this cute skirt.

Through wearing a rich texture with rich texture on the top, the legs and clarity are obtained.


Tight skirt X short coat

The combination of high -top shoes with beautiful tight skirts, black leggings and gray sneakers create a refreshing feeling.


By wearing a green coat, you can enhance comfort.

Fur handbags and large scarf combinations to complete light and cute winter fashion styles.

Striped skirt x no collar jacket


The beautiful striped skirt gives winter dress personality.

It is also refreshing by combining the black collarless jacket and black leggings.

If white sneakers are matched, the shape will look light.

With a yellow handbag as a highlight, it can enhance the freshness of winter wear.

Lace skirt X big jacket

White lace brings a fresh and cute feeling to winter fashion.

The tight pants stacked inside with beige high -top shoes create a casual atmosphere.

The upper body is a hooded sweater in the winter, which completes the shape by putting on a large coat.

“Sneakers X Dress” Japanese winter match

Embroidered dress × long coat

Embroidered white dress, cute atmosphere. Use black high -top shoes to add casual taste.

The trend is to put another large coat.


Despite using a simple color scheme, the combination of long skirts and long coats makes it winter fashion.

Knitted dress x black hooded jacket

Red high -tech shoes, ladylike fashion, with a beautiful lit tattoo knitted dress in a cute atmosphere.

High -tech shoes and brown socks increase the personality of their feet.

Put on a feminine hooded coat, suitable for winter wearing lightly wearing.


Knitted dress × down jacket


The shoes with this black and gray shape are red high -tech shoes, adding color to winter shapes.

With short down jackets, the overall balance can be balanced.


The dark winter dress is paired with a white streaming bag to enhance the style.


Printed skirt × long coat

Cute winter fashion printing skirt. If you choose white sneakers for sweet items, you can increase your casual atmosphere.

By using a metal -colored pull rope bag as accessories, it is upgraded to a personalized fashion winter dress.

Striped dress × long coat

Cute multiple stripes, vests, vests can create a unique atmosphere.


Put on a handsome brown coat to complete the high -level winter fashion shape.

White high -top shoes complete the light and vitality atmosphere.


In these Japanese -style sneakers in winter, which look do you think look good? Did you make you feel a little embarrassed?