President Kancai:

We all know that the wiper is divided into bone wiper and boneless wiper. Many car owners will prefer boneless wiper on wiper choices, and the price of boneless wiper is equivalent to twice the bone wiper. Why? However, the use of boneless wiper has a good life span, and the overall cost is high, which can be selected according to your own budget.

Boneless compared to the advantages of bone wiper

1. The boneless rainwater sticker is closer and the force is uniform.

2. Make full use of aerodynamics, telling that when driving, the scraping piece is not easy to be lifted, and the scraping test is clearer.

3. The latest structure of the wiper design is adopted, which has the effect of shading to prevent aging.

4. The structure of floating steel pieces without skeleton, weakening during driving, can prolong the life of the wiper.

5. In terms of material, ozone -resistant and ultraviolet -resistant rubber capabilities are used to adapt to the environment.

6. Compared with a bone wiper, it is easier and convenient to assemble without bone wiper.


Recommended by the three models with a boneless rainwater hatchback

New Carnival Hiroshi Edition

Manufacturer’s guidance price: 7.99-122,900

Reference minimum price: 5.25-929,000

In terms of appearance, the Carnival, as a small car owned by Changan Ford, has always focused on its outstanding sports ability, leaving a deep impression on consumers. The appearance of the 2013 new carnival changes is very obvious. The new design effect adopted by the front face is similar to the Aston Martin’s family front face. While improving the effect of the appearance, it also makes the shape of the entire vehicle also appear to look like High -end and atmospheric. The lines on the side of the body are compact and dynamic. The tail lines are rich, and the body shape with narrow upper and lower width also highlights the due gene of the sports model.

In terms of interior, Carnival uses brown -black interior color matching, with the fashion style of the center console, with a very typical sports style. It should be noted that although there are some different decorations in the interior details of the carnival models, there are no two styles in the steering wheel and instrument. From the perspective of feelings, manufacturers are still kind.


In terms of power, the new carnival is equipped with a 1.5L dual independent camshaft change to a positive engine and a 6 -speed dual -clutch transmission. The maximum output power is 81 kilowatts, the peak torque is as high as 140 Nm, and the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 5.9 liters.


New Jingrui

Guidance price: 699-1099 million

Reference price of dealers: 4.94-889 million

In terms of appearance, the new Jingrui front face adopts the new design concept of the Skoda brand. The straight waterfall -type air grille is equipped with silver chrome trim decoration, which is connected to the front headlights that add LED daytime running lights. The overall body is as a whole. The lines are tough. The shape of the rear of the car echoes the front face, which is very layered. The family -style C -shaped taillights are very young. In addition, the roof spray paint adopts a design style different from the body, which is very novel.

In terms of interior, the new crystal interior is more concise and younger than the old car. The new car uses a newly designed three -spoke steering wheel. The center console is very layered. The table is occupied by a large -size screen. Among them, Mirrorlink technology can be connected to the smartphone to achieve entertainment function.


In terms of power, the new Jingrui is equipped with two naturally aspirated engines in the 1.4L and 1.6L of the Volkswagen Group’s new EA211 series. 3KW; at the same time, the maximum power of the 1.6L naturally aspirated engine is 81kW, and the peak torque reaches 155Nm. Compared with the old 1.6L engine, the maximum power is increased by 4KW.

Fox hatchback


Manufacturer’s guidance price: 9.98-165,800


Reference minimum price: 678-135,800

In terms of appearance, Fox is full of expectations. Compared with the old model, it is not only high in value, but also shows the sense of performance, and it is more mature than the current model of ’round’. There is no pure chrome as a sedan version, but only wrapped the side. The black honeycomb grille inside, as far as the visual experience, it does look radical and very sporty.

In terms of interior, dynamic and stylish, full of technology. The distribution of the center console is reasonable and uses a three -frame steering wheel.

In terms of power, the power performance of the new Fox 1.5T model has improved significantly. Because the power and torque are more isolated than the previous 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, there is a better acceleration performance in the 2000-3000rpm speed range


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