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• Electronic thermometer has the highest accuracy, and 13 models are qualified and touching.

• The accuracy of the temperature gun is poor, and the whole army is tested;

• There is a psychological problem to be solved in the topic area at the end of the article, and it is sent out

Welfare thermometer

One, wait for you to talk.

Xiaoxue has passed, and in the season of cold hair, the thermometer family status has continued to rise. As a half of the sidelines around, the circle of friends is “sun -ill” artifact, there are big saviors of the baby family, and countless enthusiasts with enthusiasts are entangled with it. Clear, love and hate have intertwined.

Of course, goose, the fancy thermometer on the market is not allowed? Temperature measurement speed is fast? Can I still use it when I touched it? response


For the need for testing, we bought 13 electronic thermometers, 15 amounts of temperature grabbing, and 12 ear temperature guns were pulled to the laboratory to test it.

All the selected products, slide down, slide

How should I choose


Essential choice for home

West Rail City Electronic Thermometer

CT515 is about 69 yuan

As a thermometer, the design work is aligned with the watch, and Yan Dog can not fight. Double mode of the mouth and armpit, the accurate error of the temperature measurement is small, and the power -saving character is also equipped with a box, which does not give other products at all.

Recommended to:?? You who are lacking in the individual temperature meter.


Choice of mother -in -law

Etien Electronic Thermometer

TM-3202 about 29 yuan

Open the coquettish, open it as soon as possible, and then turn it off after the test. The screen is large, fast measurement, old flower eye favorite.

Recommended to: I want to send a gift for elders, but you are always said to be unwilling.



Choice of a baby and wife

Fuhai Electronic Thermometer

T15SL is about 19.8 yuan

In all thermometers of the test, the accuracy is the highest. Testing underarms, anal temperature, oral cavity, fast speed measurement, good soft head experience. It is recommended to buy two brands. If you don’t mind mixed three parts, please bring your own wine and cotton disinfection ~

Recommended to: regular monitoring of ovulation body temperature, you who are tolerated by zero errors.

PS: Don’t throw it if you are pregnant. It is also applicable to your baby for 0-6 months. The anal temperature is available and accurate.



Choose of Bear Children

Boran ear warm gun

IRT6520 is about 249 yuan

In the daily usage scenario of 37-41 ° C, the accuracy is fine, the anti -drop resistance is good, and the speed measurement can be completed in about 1.5 seconds.

Recommended to: You have more than 6 months at home, and you are about to be crazy about your children.

Detective details

testing facility



Beijing Physical and Chemical Analysis Test Center

Beijing Light Industry Quality Inspection One Station

Evaluation dimension

Measurement error, temperature measurement speed


Repeatability, prompt sound decibel, etc.

The first level: the measurement is not allowed?


Digital Thermometer

It can be said to be very accurate

We tested 13 mainstream electronic thermometers on the market. Among the relevant national standard GB/T 21416-2008 medical electronic thermometer, the requirements for the maximum allowable error are as follows:

As a result, all electronic thermometers were successful. Among them, the classmates of Fuhai recommended above need to be praised. The error is the smallest, and there is no friend.

The data is too long. If you want to see the specific thermometer data, I will see me or the comment area for viewing.


Ear temperature gun

Only Bora barely passed the level

National standard GB21417.1-2008 Medical infrared thermometer The first part of the ear cavity type for the maximum error is within the range of 35 ° C -42 ° C, and must not exceed ± 0.2 ° C.

Because the augmeal ASTME 1965-1998 (2003) test method is more stricter than the national standard, so we use the US standard to perform 5 different test environments (different temperatures and 41 ° C black body test temperature (different temperatures and 41 ° C. Detection of different humidity).

If you calculate, the school bully may ask, what is black body?

In the national standard, the interpretation of the black body is to accurately know the pore infrared radiation base of the pore wall and the radiation rate of 1.0 at any opening of the hole.

The legendary black body radiation source ↓


According to the two standards, the laboratory detected the error values ​​of the black body of 35 ° C, 37 ° C and 41 ° C in five different environments. The godmother Tian Tuan felt that this scene was a bit in line with the actual fever. 38 ° C, 39 ° C, and 40 ° C three “more real body temperature” detection data.

In the ear temperature gun, the only one is slightly more accurate, even Boran IRT6520. Although the Boran IRT6520 does not meet the requirements of the national and US standards at 35 ° C, considering the actual use scenario, it is basically impossible to use at 35 ° C, and the error of 37 ° C-41 ° C meets the standard.

However, what do the 11 other ear temperature guns do not meet the standards for each temperature? The biggest error reaches 2.9 ° C, it is better to touch it with your hands.


Want to know who this Shenkeng teammate is, I or the comment area searches for viewing


The accuracy of the whole army is not over this round

There are no relevant national standards for the temperature gun in my country for the time being, and the standard temperature gun in the US standard refers to the contact formula, and most of them are non -contact on the market.

Therefore, we refer to the requirements of the contact-forming warming gun in the US standard ASTM E 1965-1998 (2003). Within the range of 22-40 ° C, the maximum error must not exceed ± 0.3 ° C.

According to the requirements of the US standard, we tested the error values ​​of 23 ° C, 30 ° C, and 38 ° C under different temperature and humidity in the fifth. ° C test data at three fever temperatures.

As a result, a red light: the maximum error is 2.43 degrees.

View the complete data for private messages or the comment area.

Of course, if you just use it to judge it, for example, early education center, kindergarten, playground, playground, etc., are not so real about accurate temperatures, can also be used. But if you deal with fever, you are not recommended to choose.

Second level: How is repetitive?

The repetitiveness here means that the same object is measured by the same operator to obtain the standard deviation of the experimental value.

National standard GB/T 21416-2008 Medical Electronic thermometer, National standard GB21417.1-2008 Medical Infrared thermometer Part 1, Ear Cascular Act ASTM E 1965-1998 (2003) The requirements of standard deviation are as follows:

Electronic thermometer: All Fang Di, Haier, Belis, and the smallest deviations are controlled at 0.002 ° C.

Ear thermal gun: Boran IRT6520 is qualified, and the rest will not be repeatedly described.

Third level:


Who is faster?

The measurement of the measurement, there is no error in repeated measurement. If the time is faster, the waiting time is reduced, and it will be even NICE.

The laboratory sorted out a test speed list by testing the temperature source of the body thermometer to display a stable reading.


End warm gun: Most of them are within 1S, the slowest one is 1.5s. It can be said that it is fast, but the test is not allowed, it is useless, and I don’t want to talk.

Ear thermal gun: Most of them are within 2S, the slowest one is 2.1S.


Electronic thermometer: The overall speed is slow. The fastest Jiakang takes 22 seconds, and the slowest Omron is about 166 seconds, which is a bit cooker.

Fourth level:

Who is the strongest?


When giving a baby test temperature, I accidentally drop the thermometer to the ground, and then the temperature is not allowed? Anti -decline is a key indicator. If you accidentally buy this unqualified one, then you have to fall to buy it once …

There is no measurement requirements in the national standard of electronic body thermometers. Here we measure the resistance of ear temperature guns and forehead guns.

testing method:

The national standard requires that at a vertical height of 1m, and fell on the hardwood 3 times with a free fall, one of them must be probed on the ground. After 3 times, perform the accuracy of temperature measurement to see if it is affected.

Please watch the drop performance ↓


Ear thermal gun: Only Boran IRT6520 can still be used normally after testing, and the error is fine.

Foremill gun: Not only do the maximum errors do not pass the level, but they are not qualified to resist the decline. What do you say after falling? The injury, the disability, the accuracy of the disability, worsening.

Body Thermometer Class

Mercury thermometer

: Very primitive thermometer, many families are still in use. High accuracy, but many institutions are calling for not using mercury thermometers. The first is that the glass is fragile and easily injured. The other is that mercury volatilizes can easily lead to poisoning, and ordinary families do not have the ability to deal with mercury correctly.

: Wide usage method, testing the temperature of the armpits, oral and anus. High accuracy.

: Measure the forehead temperature, divided into contact and non -contact formula. There are no relevant national standards in my country, so the standards for the implementation of the domestic forehead gun on the market are not uniform.

: Easy to use, fast temperature measurement, but high technical requirements for operators. Because the baby’s ear canal is relatively short, improper use may cause damage to the baby’s ear canal, and it is not suitable to measure the baby below June.


Temand thermometer

: Measure the temperature of the temporal artery on the forehead, which is easy to confuse with the forehead gun, and you need to distinguish it carefully. It is convenient to use and has a higher accuracy of the temperature gun, but there are currently no such products in the Chinese market. Need Haitao to buy.

Smart thermometer

: Most of these products on the market use patch type, which are pasted on the armpits, which can be bound to monitor the temperature curve in real time. Such products are more emerging, and there are no corresponding standards. If you want to go, you want to go.

How to test your baby’s body temperature? Do you want the temperature if you have a fever? We have prepared a science of dry goods, and the need for Baoma who needs to reply in the background


, Push it to you immediately.


* This electronic thermometer testing is conducted at the Beijing Physical and Chemical Analysis and Test Center. The ear thermostat and the warmer gun were conducted in the first -stop laboratory of the Beijing Light Industry Quality Inspection. The experimental data was only responsible for the inspection sample.

* There must be defects and deficiencies in the article. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment area to help us do better. Thanks first ~

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Digital Thermometer

Ear temperature gun