This article comes from “40 Super Popular Hand Hand Wallets”. For lovers only. The content of the graphic is the practice of the W zipper wallet, and the finished product is like the following.

Striped linen long wallet

Give full play to the characteristics of rustic striped linen and show their handsomeness. The buckle uses a leather band, and the single -sided zipper bag is passed. Even if it is not opened, you can use the change.

The inside is eight kags, which are clearly organized and capacity.

The zipper pockets divide the wallet into two, and the key and other things can be easily loaded.

The production method begins.

Material preparation

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

Finished product size: about 19cm*9.5cm (the state after folding)

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

Material part: table cloth, library, pocket bag, card position

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

Table cloth: 20cm*23.5cm ordinary fabric 1 piece

Lie cloth: 21cm*24.5cm ordinary cloth 1 piece

Card cloth: 21cm*39cm ordinary fabric 1 piece

Small pocket bag: 20cm*20cm ordinary cloth 2 pieces

Thin adhesive lining 20cm*50cm

20cm nylon zipper 2

1.3cm in diameter 1.3cm Press 1 group with buckle

2cm wide synthetic leather bar 15cm

Production steps:

A production card position

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

Fold the prepared card cloth fabrics, flatten the iron, and then use an iron, and then sew a thread on each folding.

The card position is set up, drawing the line from the upper end, the first line of the mountain folding line, far away from the upper edge 8.8cm, followed by the parallel line at 5.5cm across the first line. This line is a valley fold line.

The distance between the third line and the two lines is 4.6cm, which is a mountain folding line.

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

The distance between the fourth line and the third line is 5.5cm, which is the valley fold line.

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

Article 5 The distance between the line and the fourth line is 4.6cm, which is a mountain folding line.

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

The above is the reference of the card position.

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

After the card position is completed, the interval line is sewed in the middle.

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

There are two cards in total, with the same practice.

Finally, the lubrica was folded in the lower part, and the iron was ironed with an iron. The picture on the picture seems to be very small. In fact, this is the size of the entire development. Don’t doubt whether it is wrong.

After the Libu is finished, the two cards that are done are not fixed and then on the lobe, fix the seams, and leave a seam of about 0.7cm.

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

B make zipper pockets

At 1.5cm from the centerline of the synthetic leather, press the buckle (convex) manually. Turn to the surface, fold, and suture around (and it or hand -sewing).

Finally, the sewing of the upper and lower ends of the table is folded inward, and the iron is ironed with an iron.

The upper and lower ends of the table are stacked upper zipper for suture. And make one end of the zipper with the cloth head.

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

Sewing library to the other side of the zipper. Avoid sliding the card position, sew it with double -layer decorative lines, and stitch the zipper from any one end. People who are used to the right hand can put the zipper head on the right hand. At this time, if you add it to the upper, it will be more convenient to use the finished product.

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

Temporary synthetic leather in the middle of the other side.

Install another library on the zipper.

Open the zipper and turn over, the surface of the table is opposed to the front of Libu, leaving the two ends of the sewing of 1cm sewing.

Turn to the front, on the side of the table, the signs left on the side bottom of the side bottom of the pregnant beast folded with an iron are sew.

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

C for making change bags

From the center of the table, the center of the bag to the hook is kept 3cm apart, and the inner concave hook is sewn. Only sewn in the table.

Compare the front of the small pocket bag and fold it to suture 1cm sewing at both ends.

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

At 1cm on the outside, cut off the corner, sewn the mouth of the folding bag, and suture at 0.2cm. Both corners are cut off. Complete another cloth in the same way.

Put the small pockets in the main part of the wallet and sew it to the mouth of the bag. Due to thicker zipper ends, it is difficult to sew, and sewn it on the surface. On the contrary, one side also sews the pocket bag in the same way.

「手工」长款W型拉链式钱包的做法 图文步骤解说

manufacture complete!

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