The upcoming summer vacation can allow children to fully relax and enjoy happiness, and provide time to expose nature and develop personality. Many countries attach great importance to the development of summer activities. Every holiday, there will be a variety of low -aged children care institutions. For half a day, all day or accommodation, these institutions include community service centers, public parks, church institutions, and each each Planting schools and so on. Nowadays, there are more and more gameplay provided by these institutions. Children can increase their knowledge, improve their ability, and exercise their will from them.

How to play 1

Soak all day in playing parks

Features: Various activities, free lunch, a week on the government website announced a week of recipes and their materials and nutritional composition tables

Finnish boy Velai is 9 years old and goes to the third grade of elementary school. Like other children, Vele’s summer vacation is up to two months. And his parents are not worried about the children’s holidays, because the Helsinki City Government provides safe game venues and rich holiday activities for young students every year.

Most of the Velai holidays will be spent in the Vicari Park near the Herbiny Wiki community. In the play park, not only has wide outdoor venues and players, but also indoor space for them to read, play games and handicrafts. What is most pleased is that playing parks with children with free lunch during the summer vacation.

Since 1942, the play park in Helsinki has provided free lunch to children under the age of 16 in the summer. It has been more than 70 years. Most of the parents in Finland are dual employees and are difficult to take care of their children during the summer vacation, and the free lunch in the park solves this problem for parents. During the summer vacation, a week on the government website will announce a week of recipes and their materials and nutritional composition tables.

Each play park has its own characteristics: there are “nature and environment week”, and the counselor takes the children to the surrounding forests to explore; there is “animal week” to take the children to the zoo to play; there is a “washing day “, Teach children to learn to wash their clothes and toys; there are” traffic weeks “, take the children to visit the airport, take various transportation tools, etc.; There are” climbing week “, bring the children to the highest hillside and hotel in Helsinki , Fire Tower, etc.; There are also “Cultural Week”, bringing children to visit art museums, museums, etc.

According to reports, Helsinki has about 70 such play parks, which is fully funded by the municipal government. There will be about half of the play parks when the holidays open. Every Monday to Friday at 9:30 am, the door is closed at 5 pm. Each play park is equipped with 3 to 5 counselors with professional qualifications. Many foreign parents visit relatives and friends in Helsinki in the summer, and their children are also frequent customers of these play parks. Li Jizhi

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Features: Many times are used to learn flowers and grass and grow insects. Flowers are one of the main activities that Japanese education institutions encourage their children to do it themselves

Even during the holidays, most of the children in Japan cannot get up late, but get up at school, and then go to the gym to participate in routine exercise at the help of the family, including sports such as gymnastics and Judo. In addition to doing summer homework at home, many children in Japan will spend time in the nearby library. In the library, in addition to listening to the storytelling stories, children can also play games, watch cartoons, and make manuals. They can be busy for several hours.

After the children returned home, they used a lot of time to learn flowers and grass. Planting flowers are one of the main activities that Japanese education institutions encourage primary school students to do it, and they begin in school. The teacher helps the children choose a good flower pot and seeds. When the small plants come out of the seedlings, let the children take it home to take care, water the fertilization, observe their growth characteristics, and make records daily.

Japanese children like to grow face, because this flower is easy to manage and beautiful. Feeding Beatles is also one of the popular activities of Japanese primary school students, which are loved by them. Children generally capture the beetles in the park or courtyard, and then raise them with heart. When they encounter problems, they can communicate with each other. Raising insects can cultivate children’s patience and responsibility.

How to play 3

Rowing fishing

Embrace nature

Features: Play and climb in the rich villages in Bavaria, rowing and learning fishing in the lakes of the mountains, playing handball and other sports

In Germany, summer vacation is a good opportunity to attract children in other countries to understand the language environment, customs and customs of the German, customs, and beautiful natural environments. The organizers and counselors of the German summer camp are well -known in many languages, which can communicate smoothly with children from different countries and let them have an unusual holiday.

There is a very distinctive “Water Fun Summer Camp” in Berlin. It is located on the picturesque Lake Walzigo Lake in the suburbs of Berlin, with school buildings, cruise wharfs and lakes. International campers studied German for two hours in the morning, and under the guidance of the teacher in the afternoon, they learned the boat or played in the park. If you meet a child of Aishan, Munich Alps Summer Camp is also a good choice. After studying German, the children had the opportunity to play and climb in the rich villages of Bavaria, under the leadership of the teacher, rowing and learning fishing in the lakes of the mountains, playing the German’s favorite handball and other sports.

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University life

Features: Familiar with the campus environment of the university, visit various laboratories, and chat with college students who stay in school during the holidays

For children, universities are a distant school, and there are almost no concepts. However, there is a place for elementary school students in the summer plan of the university. Let the elementary school students enter the campus and give the students who are educated or managed to have an opportunity to exercise.

Universities in many regions of the United States will organize summer care and summer camp activities, using school classrooms, sports fields or dormitories to allow elementary school students to experience university life, and universities do not need to increase too much operation burden.

Such a summer event of university also deepened the understanding of the university in primary school students and laid the foundation for their future application for schools. The counselors will have a plan to lead primary school students to familiarize with the campus environment and let them learn “tall” courses in the classroom, such as classical literature; let them visit various laboratories and chat with college students who stay in school during the holidays. , Cultivate your interest.

Now that you have to do research when you go to college, children are no exception. There are naturally diverse directions. From the growing up of plant growth to plastic building blocks, it is omnipotent. For example, community universities are generally linked to the local zoo, and elementary school students are required to observe the habits of night animals and write observation reports. The counselors organized children to play in the zoo, watching animals for dinner and entering the rest state. This is much more interesting than to play with parents to play in the zoo. Of course, it is not really asked the children to stay up late to observe. Generally, at eight or nine o’clock in the evening, the counselors arranged for children to rest in the garden. They generally bring their own bedrooms, and when there is no rain, they set up a tent to sleep on the lawn.

In other times, various swimming pools, sports fields, and small theaters in universities are places for children to play. Children can fully feel college life here.


Why Xia Ling is sought after

Experts summarize six reasons

Jessica Michaels, director of the Summer Camp Public Relations of New York, concluded that six children should participate in the summer camp activities, which makes sense.

1. Learn future success skills: There is often a huge gap between learning knowledge and actual life in the school, and the summer camp creates an environment similar to modern society. Teaching children how to maintain communication and cooperation, how to solve the right and peaceful way to solve the surroundings around them. The problem helps children understand the team spirit, and use the Olympic concept to win victory.

2. Learn yourself more comprehensively: The summer camp provides a new learning atmosphere, allowing children to join and try different activities. Even small progress will encourage them in time. It has an underestimation effect on future growth.

3. Draw from electronic devices: Today’s children spend on high -tech equipment, sometimes 7.5 hours a day, including using computers, playing mobile phones and watching TV. If you participate in the summer camp, the counselo They were busy all day long, playing games, playing games, and going out.

4. enough time to play: The report of the American Society of Pediatrics shows that playing is huge benefits for children’s psychological and physiological health. It can improve children’s cognitive ability, emotional control and social ability, which is also a good way to reduce pressure.

5. Forming a new self: the day after day after day, the child may have turned the child into a fixed model. In the summer camp, the loose and free environment encourages children to relax, re -examine themselves, and make new friends. Maybe It will change from Manne to talk, from clumsy to flexible, reshaping a new life.

6. Exercise independence: Whether in the summer camp of the day or the summer camp that needs to be accommodated, many things must be arranged and handled by themselves, and they must face the contradiction with new friends. Exercise.