As we all know, Chanel is mainly known for its perfume and clothing. Its status in the fashion circle is the first year. In the field of clocks, the first watch “


“Première”, since then, Chanel has begun its own “watch world journey”.

At first, no matter how careful Chanel wanted to join the watch of the watch and invested a lot of funds. In the circle of watch enthusiasts, it does not seem to have much status and even be excluded.

As a luxury brand that has nothing to do with watches, Chanel does not have much right to speak. But in the field of watch fashion, it does play a leading role. Of course, you may feel that the clocks do not need to be a whistle, I used to think so until I saw it


Monsieur. SuperLeggera Edition watch. This is one of the best works of the brand to prove it.

This series of watches were launched in 2016. As the name suggests, this watch was designed for men. Since its launch,

Monsieur watches are mostly made of precious metals. Of course, some styles are ceramic. For example, J12 is one of the signs. In addition to the appearance, this reason

The movement designed by Romain Gauthier is also a highlight of the watch.


Monsieur. SuperLeggera Edition


The movement of the watch has the complex function of reverse jump minutes and jump, which forms a novel, symmetrical and slightly different dial layout. And on the back of the watch, the watch adopts a bottom -out design, which clearly shows the Calibre 1 movement. Its circular gear system echoes the black surface that matches the case.


As a men’s fashion watch, its excellent appearance is far greater than the movement (of course, this does not mean that the movement is not good). The diameter of the 42mm dial combines ceramics and steel Feeling appearance. This is the core of this watch and the core of Chanel.

Even if you don’t look at the real thing, you can see that the case structure of this watch is very complicated. The middle is made of black ceramics, and the surrounding and bottom cover is made of steel. On the whole, most of the watches can be visible parts with black coating, which is also a big freshness given by this new watch.

In addition, the dial uses the Gilo cut pattern, and the font design also reveals the indulgent style of the top racing, while the distinctive red tone symbolizes enthusiasm and the desire for the past.

Even if this watch is about RMB 248,900, of course, this price is really expensive for a watch without metal. But objectively speaking, the design of design and this special movement are still very good.

Monsieur. SUPERLEGGGGERA EDITION, redefined men’s fashion watches, also believes that this watch that integrates an elegant, exquisite, sports, technology, technology, and unique design will open up a track that belongs to its own in the future And lead the men’s fashion field to a glorious future.