In the era of Internet marketing, the official website of the corporate website is not only a business card displayed to the outside world, but also the first entrance to target users to understand the brand. It is an important part of the corporate marketing matrix.


The unique official website of the brand can intuitively transmit product value to users, so that every viewer becomes a potential transaction customer of the enterprise. And PC+mobile multi -terminal response official website, which fits Baidu search ecology to better realize brand exposure.

Background of the project


Customers are first -tier brands in the new power of electric power. With a stylish appearance and excellent industrial design quality, they have won the love of urban youths. Brands that focus on smart+Internet routes require the official website of the brand’s characteristics to attract the attention and identity of target users. In order to better convey the value of the product and enhance the marketing of the market, Ai Yi creates a PC+mobile response website for it.


client needs


Adapt to different devices browsing


Different users’ browsing equipment and screen size are large. It is necessary to create the official website that adapts to PC+mobile multi -terminal devices.

Design of design for young groups

Customers’ products are cool and young and young. In the future, websites must meet these characteristics in terms of design sense.

Optimize website browsing experience

Website design guarantees users’ browsing experience in functional design and interactive design, and matches brand intelligence+Internet genes.


Multi -terminal response website design

According to the size of the user’s device, browsing the environment, intelligent adjustment, typesetting and layout are intelligently to achieve the best display effect.

Advanced UI Vision

In terms of visual elements, color contrast, and spatial atmosphere, they all follow the principle of “transformation into simplification” to shape brand recognition and differentiation.

User experience

Navigation shorten the user’s operation path, interacts with the needs of users, and uses streamlined code and reduce the number of response times to improve the website browsing experience.

Project Design


Fluid grid

The grid is layout in the most comfortable visual method in accordance with a certain level of structure, and flexibly adapts according to the size and resolution of different devices.

Response images and media

The entire website takes the product as the core and needs to handle a large number of high -definition pictures. Add the Max-Widdth property to the CSS code to ensure that the image is zoomed in with the browser to avoid chaos on the page.

Scene design

Let the product integrate into the life scene and increase the sense of user substitution; use the product as the background to highlight the performance, more intuitively display the highlights of the product, increase the intention of user purchase, and empower marketing.

Project value

Optimize user experience

It happens to be everywhere and flexible screen adaptation to enhance the experience of users when browsing the website.

Move traffic increase

PC+mobile multi -end coverage is in line with the Internet habit of urban young users, bringing more traffic entrances.

Short the load time

Response websites can increase loading speed on all devices, which is more conducive to increasing user conversion rates.

Better SEO ranking


Search engines are more friendly to responding web pages, improve website rankings, and facilitate users to find you as soon as possible.

Project display

PC website effect

Mobile website effect

Project summary

When the number of users of mobile Internet access is increasing, the Internet devices are gradually diversified. The response websites have become the first choice for more companies to create official website with flexible adaptation, fast loading speed, and small maintenance costs.

Ai Yi created a PC+mobile multi -terminal response website for customers to highlight the charm of product charm with a very design sense, enhance the user’s favor with the ultimate browsing experience, build a “bridge” for efficient dialogue between brands and users, so that the website becomes a brand display product The best window is a powerful platform for increased sales.