Xiao Jiu first heard that the sanitary wool was when he had just learned, and then a pile of doubts came to me:

“A small cotton bar can actually replace sanitary napkins?”

“How much can it suck?”

“Is this a thing to go in?”

“Will it be blocked?”

Today, N years, I have become the “old driver” that uses the health cotton bars, but still many sisters are the same as me, I am very confused.

Today, Xiao Jiu is about those things that say sanitary wool.

First, what is the sanitary bar?

For things to put into the body, people care about how it is.

Material for tampon

Cotton and artificial fiber

At the end, there is a difference in cotton wire drawing rope, and the design of different brands will be different. Compared to raw materials such as sanitary napkins, PE surfaces, composite paper, non-woven materials, etc., the materials of the sanitary bar are relatively simple.

At present, there are two types of sanitary strips:


Women need women to gently push cotton, potential problems are inconvenient and unsanitary.

Catheter type

According to the different materials, divided into

Plastic catheter type


Paper guide type

And as needed,


Conventional long section

Telescopic short

Two choices. The catheter type is taking a pusher as a pinch, the outer surface is smooth and the cotton strip is completely packaged in the catheter, and can guarantee hygiene.

There are two ways to absorb the sanitary tampon, one is

Petal-shaped absorption

The two cotton crosses cross, the cotton wire is nailed in the center, the whole cotton body is round, and the middle is expanded in the middle of the absorption, the catheter is a round fat, in order to put and remove,

Disadvantages are not imperceptible

;two is

Bat-shaped absorption

At the time of absorption, the cotton should be stretched along the shape of the female vagina, not easy to leak, and do not need to be worried.

Left: petal-shaped absorption; right: bat-shaped absorption


Second, in order to love the foreigners, China is cold?

According to data, 42% of women in the United States uses health cotton as a commonly used supplies during menstruation. In proportion to the use of sanitary tampons in Europe

More than 70%

. But in our country, many women still regard the health cotton strips as a rare thing, the usage rate is only about 2%.

Why do foreign women like to use a sanitary strip? The reason is nothing more than the following points.


1, since the years, women used to use sanitary napkins, but the sanitary napkins often have stuffy, humid and non-breathable feelings. European and American women are more comfortable, and the sanitary tampon is built-in necessities. It is highly absorbed on the blood, and it has good breathability, even if they swim or do other sports will not have a discomfort.

2. Foreign women’s ideas are more open, and they are more willing to use.


In the survey, those foreign women who have used the sanitary wool recognize that they will not be used to just at the beginning, but they will disappear after the slow push is, and even later will be more comfortable.


Take a look at the domestic women.


Affected by traditional concepts

Many people can’t accept the way of use of the tampon, even at all, don’t know the existence of the sanitary tampon. Second, many people will worry about security issues, worry about the use of poisoning for a long time. Finally

Prices concern

Compared with sanitary napkins, the price of sanitary strips may have to turn three or four times.

Third, what is the forgotten sanitary strip, what happened in the body?

As an item in the vagina, women are impossible to always pay attention to it, if the sanitary wards have been taken out, what should I do? What will happen?

Don’t worry, first wash your hands, step on the side of the chair, you can also squat, then use the wash finger to survey over again,

Find the cotton line of the sanitary cotton, pull it slowly


It should be noted that the sanitary wool may not be in the original position, so it must be relaxed when taken out, slowly, don’t be nervous. If you can’t take it out, don’t be ashamed to seek medical treatment.

Previously, the American female model used to use improper use of the tampon, and there was a poisonous shock syndrome (TSS), so that many women worried, can this sanitary wool still can be used?

TTS is released from a staphylococcus aureus, causing severe bacterial infections. There is a glutinous Staphylococcus aureus in the vagina. If there is a wound, the bacteria will enhance the blood through the wound to cause infection.

However, in fact, the tampon causes the TSS probability that the TSS is very low, only 100,000. Women should pay attention to four misunderstandings when using the sanitary wool.

Misunderstanding 1: Menstruation has not been used yet

When you haven’t come to menstruation, you should prevented the sanitary pads. At this time, it is useful to rub the dry mucosa, increase the risk of infection.

Misunderstanding 2: Long (≥8 hours)

The tampon should be replaced once every 6 hours, especially when it is large, it is timely replacement.

Misunderstanding 3: Using an abnormal secretion

At this point, you should suspend the use of sanitary strips, timely medical treatment, and identify the specific situation.

Misunderstanding 4: Couples

If you have a husband and wife during the health cotton bars, it is easy to push the cotton bars into the depths and difficult to take out.

Each box is accompanied by a detailed manual in the sanitary tampon. Everyone must read in detail during the first use.


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