Guide: The “sugar bun” growing on the tree, the fruiting period is 6 months, it is delicious, but few people have eaten

In the beautiful Xinjiang in my country, the sunshine time here is long, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is very large, so many fruits are produced. The same kind of fruit is more delicious than other places.


After June, many fruits have been listed. Most of the fruits are planted in the southern areas, but Xinjiang is very famous. It is called “the queen of the fruit” and the locals are also called “sugar buns growing on the tree”. And its way of eating is very special. It is delicious to shoot it flat and rotten. Dear friends, do you guess what it is?

“Sugar Buns” on the tree: Xinjiang Fist

Figs, this should be a very familiar fruit for many southern friends. There are planting in the yard in many people. It is easy to plant and can be lived by a branch. When I was a kid, there was a household in the village who bought a few fruits in the field. At that time, the children in the village were very miserable, and then the parents asked the parents to ask for the branches and cutting it in the spring. Cuttings are alive.

Although the fig is a kind of fruit that has just become popular on the Internet in recent years, human cultivation has a long history of cultivation history. According to archeological discovery, the history of human cultivation has been tens of thousands of years.

And many experts and scholars abroad have also discovered the “Holy Fruit” stolen in the Bible-Old Testament in recent years. In fact, it is figs, and later they made clothes without flowers.

In my country, the Figs of Planting in China had brought back figs back to the Silk Road, when the Silk Road was promoted in a large area in Xinjiang. Because the sweetness of figs is high, sugar is full, and the candy was very rare at that time, some people took it as candy to eat. Especially it looks like a bun, so it is called “sugar buns growing on the tree”.

The characteristics of Xinjiang figs

When it comes to figs, many people issue a question: Does this fruit really bear the result? In fact, this is a kind of illusion that figs are good at camouflage. The figs we eat are actually its huge meatballs, which have flowers and fruits of flowers and fruits in it, which is very small.


And when it comes to figs,


The most famous is figs from Xinjiang. Compared with the fruits of other places, it has a higher sweetness, larger head, and unique food.

The main reason is that the local lighting time in Xinjiang is long and the temperature difference between day and night is large. Therefore, the figs planted in the local area are stronger because of the strong photosynthesis, and the fruit is larger, and the sweetness is much higher. And there is also a special way to eat figs in the local area.

That is to wrap the leaves, then pat it flat, and then eat it, which will be more delicious.

This unique way of eating is also invented by Xinjiang people. Because after the fruits mature, the sweetness is very high. If the external force is beaten suddenly, the sugar will be distributed more evenly, so it will be more sweet.

Only one day of the preservation period, the foreigners are unpalatable

Friends who have planted figs know that there are many advantages of figs, but there are many disadvantages.

It is easy to grow, but it is afraid of cold, so the northern region cannot be planted, and it is easy to be frozen to death.


The second is that its fruiting period is long, and the result is very large. It can mature from June and last until the end of November, for half a year. But the fruitless fig after maturity is very impatient to storage

It is often broken in a day or two. This is why fresh figs on the market are rare, all made of dried fruits or fruits.

The fig in Xinjiang was originally large and the sweetness was higher, so that it was more troublesome to store, and often the local fruits could only be preserved for about a day. Everyone knows that Xinjiang is very wide, and even express delivery is not free shipping. It is very troublesome to transport local flowers and fruits, and the cost is high.


Not to mention that people from other places have not eaten it. Many people in Xinjiang have not been planted in the local area and have no chance to taste it. It is really a kind of “embarrassing” fruit.

Therefore, the fresh Xinjiang figs are basically not seen in other places. If you want to eat it, you can only go to the local area, or to buy a dried fruit, but this is far from the fresh fruity taste. It is also because the fruits of Xinjiang are not resistant to storage, and they can often sell several prices a day, which is not surprising.


In the past, figs were a kind of fruits that many southern children were eaten by snacks and candy, and Xinjiang’s figs in Xinjiang became more outstanding in terms of taste and nutrition.

The fruit is large, the peel is thin, and the meat is soft, the taste is sweet, and it has rich nutritional and medicinal value.

It is worth mentioning that it contains a variety of sugars, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and mineral elements. Fruit contains 18 amino acids, 8 of which are essential amino acids in the human body. With these advantages, Xinjiang Figs have also won the name of “Fruit Queen”. Many people go to Xinjiang to travel,


For the first time, the local figs were very stunning, soft and glutinous, fragrant and sweet, and it was really delicious.

Now it is the season when Xinjiang’s figs are mature. If you have the opportunity to travel to Xinjiang, you must remember to taste it. This is only local and you ca n’t eat it outside. Dear friends, you can have eaten fresh Xinjiang figs!


Finally, I will tell you a cold knowledge of figs. Every delicious fig has a “dedicated” bee. Do you know why?

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