Tongzhou Daily News (Cao Junfa, Zhao Gang, Zhao Kejia Wu Shenghong, a reporter of the reporter of the Pioneer Street Report Reporting Group of the District Rong Media Center,

Due to the need for the prevention and control of the epidemic, on March 31, Pioneer Street implemented throughout the country, and there were 7 other seal control areas. The streets have a total of more than 37,000 households and a resident population of more than 50,000 people. How to ensure the basic needs of residents’ lives and become a major challenge. To this end, the streets set up a specialized working group for the first time to ensure the needs of the basic living materials of residents. The reporter was informed that as of April 10, six batches of supplies had been allocated on the streets, and they were distributed in place as soon as possible. Residents’ livelihoods were orderly and emotional.

At the street supply point, the reporter saw that the packaging of vegetables, milk, rice, rice, edible oil, chicken, pork and other living materials were stacked in an orderly manner. The staff is always coming to help residents to receive materials to distribute materials. “We will count once every two or three days to provide three different amounts of packages of ABC and different prices, so that villagers can choose according to their own needs.” Volunteer Mao Zhaoyang told reporters.

来自先锋街道疫情防控一线的报道(一)物资保障有力 居民情绪稳定

In order to ensure the supply of residents’ living materials safely and orderly, Pioneer Street arranges special personnel every day to collect and collect materials such as residents, residential communities, construction sites, and enterprises every day. Essence “Sub -district agriculture, rural areas, construction, and economic development departments will dock statistics on resettlement communities and some villages, commercial housing communities and construction sites, and corporate material needs, and they are uniformly purchased and transported by the streets.” “Affected by regional control, we also actively clear and coordinate various channels to ensure the supply of basic living materials of the people in the jurisdiction.”

It is reported that the daily supply volume of daily life materials reaches 100,000 yuan, which can probably meet the basic living needs of 10,000 people per day. Huang Danxuan, the clerk of Pioneer Street Economic Development Bureau, told reporters that every morning at 8 am, it starts to distribute vegetables, meat and other supplies, and be busy until 5 or six pm. With the movement of the overall control time, it is expected that the amount of materials in the later period will increase, and the streets have also expressed their preparations.

The pioneer section of the first phase of the Nantong Metro Line 2 has been suspended. More than 100 workers live in the construction site. “Although the quality of life is not comparable to the past, everyone can understand in a special period to cross the difficulty.” Said Zhang Fengkai, secretary of the party branch of the 10th bidding project department of China Railway Nantong Metro Line 2.

On the same day, the 36 owners of the 36 households in the Zhongnan Longyue Community successfully received the materials, and they expressed their satisfaction with the street service. “We will actively respond to the national call, do not gather at home, and strive to defeat the epidemic early,” said Ding Jian, the owner of the community.

According to statistics, as of April 10, Pioneer Street allocated six batches of supplies, including 28866 kg of various vegetables, 12069 catties of pork, 736 chicken, 1175 boxes of eggs, 354 bottles of 5L, 23020 catties of rice, 28 bags of flour, 28 bags of flour. The room temperature milk is 6293 bottles, and all materials have been distributed in place for the first time, which effectively guarantees the normal life of residents.

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