From eight glasses of water per day, everyone will have their favorite drinks. For example, if juice, tea, etc. What is “special drink”? At a specific time, a specific nutritional needs are provided. When you choose to drink different “special drinks” at different times, what is the difference between the skin’s “special drink”?

In different skin conditions, the nutrition that supplements the skin is not the same. Stay up late to chase the drama is dull and vibrant, and the state of travel is unstable. Why are other people’s makeup is a delicate goddess? You make makeup scenes at the scene? How to do? At this time, you need “special drink”! If you want your skin, the mask is indispensable!

The mask is a must-have for skin care for lazy people. It will give the skin a cup of “special drink” anytime, anywhere, and immediately restore skin moisturizing, bullets, tenderness, slippery, and small skin emotions. How do you choose a dazzling mask on the market?

Look at the effect ingredients? Hyaluronic acid hydration, aloe vera moisturizing, nicotinamide whitening … depending on the essence content? Too little easy to dry, too much tile … look at the mask material? It’s too thick to worry about impermented, too thin deformation … I am really too difficult to choose the mask!


Learn these three tricks and teach you to choose the opposite mask!


At first glance, the essence content

Over large cup, 26ml essence a whole bottle of essence

Some people say, “If you are unhappy, come to a cup of large cups of milk tea.” If the skin is emotional, come to the cup “super large cup” skin to “drink”, and the content of a mask 26ml essence is about a whole bottle of essence, which will make your skin drink full water at a time.


Recruitment of the mask ingredient


4 heavy hyaluronic acid, layer of rustic, deep and hydrating

Hyaluronic acid is also known as hyaluronic acid. The natural moisturizing ingredients of human skin are safer and more effective and moisturized. Ordinary hyaluronic acid is a single molecular measuring hyaluronic acid. 4 Hyaluronic acid is composed of large, medium, small, and micro molecules.

Plant essence, moisturizing skin


The “Sham Shui Special Drink” Hearts and Ya Yongshui Moisturizing Mask contains the essence of resurrected grass and the essence of Cedar. The “highlight special drink” Xinwei Yaya water light brighten the mask, add orange flower essence, adjust the uneven skin tone, and also have star components tobaccoamide to improve skin luster.


Recruitment three -looking mask membrane material

Lightweed film material, light and breathable more water lock


To achieve a delicious dish, the ingredients are critical, make a mask, and the membrane material is also critical. The heart of the heart is the water -sensitive mask series, the light feathers, 0.4mm thickness, light, good breathability and more water, soft clothes, comfortable and comfortable , Easily unlock the mobile phone screen, don’t be afraid of falling when you walk, don’t panic when reading a book game.

For different skin needs, choose a “special drink” suitable for you. Dry skin deserted desert muscles, Xinwei Yaya Yingrun Mask is matched with Cuiya Qingrun series of products; yellow skin is dark and tired, and Xinwei Yaya water light shiny mask is matched with Cuiya whitening series products.

Give your skin anytime, anywhere to “drink”, not much to say, the mask will be applied tonight!