Kitchen Bao can be divided into three types: water storage type, hot constant temperature type. Generally speaking, the water storage -type kitchen treasure can prepare the water used for you. It can generally store five liters and ten liters of water. It can be enough for you to wash vegetables and wash dishes. What about the hot kitchen treasure? When you inject cold water, it can be heated in the shortest time. Make sure not to delay your use. The last thing to say is the constant temperature -style kitchen treasure, which can ensure that the water temperature inside is about forty degrees, and if the temperature in the kitchen treasure is low, it will automatically heated. Make the water temperature reach the constant temperature in a short time.

小厨宝不得不了解的知识 格兰仕等几款储水即热式小厨宝推荐

Xiao Bian here recommends several water storage -type hot kitchen treasures.

小厨宝不得不了解的知识 格兰仕等几款储水即热式小厨宝推荐

Galanz ZSDF-G06K301 Kitchen Bao Hot Waterbao 6L water storage is hot water heater

Promotion price: 399 yuan

The crystal diamond -static dried powder enamel inner line is used. The thickness of the inner porcelain layer is uniform, without removal porcelain, and has good sealing and impact resistance. Use high -quality thermal insulation materials, high -pressure ultra -fine pores foam, effectively block the heatstream, reduce thermal insulation energy consumption.

DSZF-30A-OP-A-02 Kitchen treasure storage water is hot

Promotion price 248 yuan

小厨宝不得不了解的知识 格兰仕等几款储水即热式小厨宝推荐

Randomly adjust the required temperature. The fuselage is made of full -plastic and has strong decorative ability. Exquisite knob design, convenient operation, fine workmanship, black and white with simple and fashionable. The blue brick inner biliary is composed of low -carbon alloy steel plates, ultra -microflower ceramic layers and high -temperature 煅 roasted blue coating.

Wanjiale D6-S003B Kitchen Bao Hot Waterbao 6L water storage is hot water heater

Promotion price 299 yuan

Adopting intelligent levels of electricity 3, automatically cut off the power when dangerous. Use a three -layer submarine compressor inner linery. Equipped with an enamel protective layer to prevent corrosion, avoid dirt, maintain high -efficiency heat transfer for a long time, and use a sensitive pressure pressure valve. When the little kitchen treasure exceeds 0.75MPa, the pressure is automatically leaked.

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