It feels that the closer to the festival, the stronger the festive atmosphere. The mall is full of jingle bet, and the restaurant has Christmas trees. The romantic December will be closed by Christmas romantic.

(December is really a damn heart!)

If you are saving, you will inevitably dress up carefully, and then take a picture to bomb a wave of friends. Even the copywriting has long been conceived. Each detail is the taste of design.

Liya’s Christmas wear

# Look 01.

Han Lihan’s heirs

Soft glutinous knitwear base with light khaki color suits, generous temperament

Pure female college student

Who doesn’t love?

From the perspective of details, the lapel small suit can be good

Modify shoulder and neck lines

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

It is also friendly to the round face, and the lower dress is a very wide A -line skirt. The whole is a combination of long -term avoidance.

It can fully show your body advantages, and there are also

Short+short legs long

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

The proportion is cheating formula, and the small man can be copied. Proper eye -catching sets. Fairy with good legs must try!

# Look 02.

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

Motor -style wearing yyds

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

Liya also shared the different matching of the bottoming shirt before,

Self -keeping warm and not bloated

It is not appropriate to use it for stacking.

A knitted cardigan is rich in layered sense, and then use a suit jacket to increase the sense of distance of raising people.

Since you want to be the most beautiful noodles in the whole street, the bottom is still

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

Show long legs


I know that many fairies will wear colored glasses to watch black silk, but in fact, it has nothing to do with the vulgarity.

The application of the power -style wear lies in the high -level wearing method of black silk,

Short skirt/shorts+black silk+boots

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

Did you hold it?

How can there be a saying? “In the face of sexy, it’s not worth mentioning.” This set of sien girls must learn to learn!

# Look 03.

Chaebol Qianjin

To take a simple and high -level thousand golden wind, the less the color of the items, the better, the black can be said to be the extraordinary ceiling. Adhering to the principle of less is more, the style does not need to be more complicated,

But the texture must be good


You can pick a black knitted skirt as a base. The slimness is not tight. The slightly fat fairy does not have to worry about the exposure curve. It is covered with a slightly loose jacket.

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

It is also the idea of ​​black silk with long boots. The little people remember to choose the boots with heels, and the legs were long. The main purpose of this look is very clear:

It’s finished

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

# Look 04.

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

Japanese comfort and daily life

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

If you feel that the above style is difficult to control, try the following sets, which is daily, and also relaxes the requirements of the body.

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

The first is this refreshing Japanese LOOK. There are many introductions to the matching ideas in the inside. When matching such a lighter jacket,

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

Not bloated is the biggest requirement for it

The outline of the upper body is not very wide, so the lower installation does not need to be narrowed as mentioned before, and the skirts can be put on.

Of course, if you are afraid of making mistakes, choose

Golden Oil straight pants

, Leisure and age reducing, comfortable to look comfortably.

# Look 05.

Ordinary people who can wear

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级


It is more appropriate to apply on this theme. The color is simple and echoed. It is difficult to make mistakes in this idea.

After determining the overall tone, you can take a little care on the style of the items, which is also a point that can be different from passersby.

for example

Choose a single product that meets the trend

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

This year’s popularity is chessboard grids, Kleinlan, diamonds and the like. Take a kind of application can look fashionable and not too hard.

# Look 06.

Take time to work for a meeting

After all, Christmas is not a legal holiday. Fairy who wants to go to work on Saturday. Do you really need this job? (joke)

The main purpose of this set is

“Enter the workplace, retreat to the night”

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

, Seamlessly connected to get off work and dating.

I do n’t need to say how much this theme is suitable for this theme, right? In addition, its version is quite inclusive, which is very tolerant of the figure, and it looks capable and chic. The aura is 1.8 meters.

# Look 07.

A beautiful sister who often invites to eat

Like a suit, the coat is also a formal representative. Intellectual and temperament, urban beauty really loves to wear.

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

If you want to distinguish, try adding it.

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级


厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

The fashion degree is also rising.

In terms of practicality, it can modify narrow shoulders; in terms of attributes, it can

Weaken the formal sense of the coat

, To make the style softer, transform into a big sister in a second.

# Look 08.

Come together

The last set is also a coat match, but the color matching is my giant love black and red CP, red plaid scarf

The eye -catching is justified

The highlight of the look is more appropriate.

One said, the black coat is low -key and advanced, it is really easy to wear, I think

厚毛衣 + 半裙,厚外套 + 直筒裤,照着穿显瘦又高级

It is incomplete in the wardrobe without it

And this set is very suitable for Christmas.

Today, 8 sets of LOOKs shared by LIYA are not only suitable for festivals, but daily wear is okay. However

Mastering matching ideas and skills is the key