Do you know what is “no trace pants”? In addition to pursuing refreshing in summer, the overall comfort is another place worthy of attention. It is really annoying to put on the stuffy and breathable pants. The shorts are sitting in the state of walking, and the widening of the trousers is easy to take away.


This summer, it is the “no trace pants” that gets hot. It is easy to wear wildly without worrying about the sultry and sultry. The new heart pets of female stars are miserable.


Zhao Wei


When I was on the show, I was wearing no trace pants. The long design was wearing a sense of obscenity similar to pressure socks, and the leg shape was thin. Even long models still don’t feel sultry, the sense of perspective is great!

It is also a traceless pants,

Zhou Dongyu

The selected style is short, which is more suitable for summer. The generous exposed leg is not limited to the chopstick legs. Even if it is a fleshy leg, it will have the effect of hiding meat to modify the legs.


No trace pants are too hot, our “fake boy”

Li Yuchun

I also appeared at the airport wearing no trace pants. If you are not particularly confident in your body, you can try to wear a suit jacket like Li Yuchun, which is handsome.

So “no trace pants”, look at these suggestions before buying

Stars who love so much, we ordinary people do n’t wear a car and step on thunder. Even if ordinary people remember the formulas, they can be high -end and fashionable.

1. Recommend the black 10,000 -year classic model

No matter what colorless pants are, remember that black is the most versatile. And as ordinary people, we may not be as good as the stars. The decoration effect of black itself is much better than other colors. Coupled with the effect of stress pants, the proportion is amazing and thin.

The visual weakening effect of black itself is an important reason for its thinness. The side can be appropriately added with white locks, and the middle part is still large -area for black color matching, and the thin effect is more obvious!

2. In terms of length, shorts are significantly higher than long models

For small girls, too long styles can easily cause the problem of excessive proportion of the lower body. If you want to increase the effect, it will not be reflected.

With short -skinned short -skinned pants, in fact, it will be more appropriate for the entire package. Even if it is used with sneakers, the naked display of the ankle and calves lines is high and capable.

3. The length of the knee length is the most embarrassing

Although the short effect of the short model is better than the long model, there is also a length that is easy to step on the light pants. The middle and long models located in the knee position are the most fatter among all short trace pants.

It can just cover the length of the knee position. With the excessively slim -fit version, the exposed calf lines will appear short and thick, and the entire proportion will be affected.


The length of about two centimeters on the knee is the most suitable in short. After exposing the knees, the calf is stretched. With short socks, the leg shape can also look straight and long.

4. The hip line should be high enough

If you put it on a traceless pants, it is not good to look good. It is likely that the problem is the position of your overall hip line. This factor is often ignored. Only the higher the hip line will become better and better.

Especially for small girls, the hip line position of no trace pants must be high enough, and the leg lines on the legs can become slender!


“No Trace Pants” fashion dressing demonstration

After mastering the technique of “no trace pants”, you don’t have to worry if you still have no texture. The next specific matching method can be worn by wearing it.

(1) No trace pants+shirt

The formal shirt can also be used to match with no trace pants. In order to make a single shirt and no trace pants better fusion, some can be used in small details, which may make the shirt more suitable for pairing of non -trace pants. The combination of sports and advanced texture.

● Tie waist knot

The waist tie design can change the dull version of the shirt. It should be noted that there is no intention of regular knotting after knotting.

It can be slight by knotting



The waist curve is exposed, and it is sexy but not frivolous with traceless pants.

● Long models holding sleeve tube

The slightly fleshy girl, the loose and long shirt may be more obvious for them. The length of the reaching the position of the hip position can give them a sense of security, thin and cold temperament.


The details of the sleeve tube are lifted to reduce the burdens brought by the long shirt.

● Ultra -long perspective fabric

Ultra -style shirts, if you insist on too much design on the version, will only make the overall shape tedious and complicated.


The shirt can be changed on the fabric. Choose a chiffon fabric with skin transmission effects, or stack the gauze material. The slightly skin transparent exposure is appropriately revealing the body line.

(2) No trace pants+T -shirt

Girls who are pursuing comfortable wear can choose to match with T -shirts, loose large size T in the top, and the tightening of the lower body of the lower body without marks, the width of the overall shape increases, which is thin and fashionable. The T -shirt is wearing the waist of jeans on the corner, laziness is not casual.


If you are fit for all year round, you can be bolder. Choose short T -shirts, expose your waist and expose your legs. It is difficult to wear a beauty without body lines. The upper body T -shirt of the dew, the looseness of the hem can be properly obstructed to part of the waist curve, and the waist design of the trousers is just needed.

(3) No trace pants+jacket


① With a suit jacket

Can a suit jacket be matched with non -trace pants? Of course, it is possible that the entire version of the body without trace pants has a certain modification effect on the shape of the body. With a suit jacket, the stylish INS texture of Gaojie is expensive.


The style of the suit must be large, and the loose length must be the same. It is a bit rustic with a slim -fitting suit with a slim -fitting suit. The wide suit jacket, the shoulder pad design smokes the shoulder lines to set off the proportion of photos on the head.

② With sports jacket

How can I not match the sports style jacket with sports style without trace pants ~ In order to be convenient, it can also be fashionable. The sport -free motion jacket is consistent as much as possible. At the same time, the short and loose tailoring gives the suit girls the best comfort. After this dress is over, it is not rustic to go shopping.

There is no need to choose this summer. There must be no trace pants. It is easy to wear and fashionable. As long as you match your match, your body is still thin and temperamental.