Hello everyone! I am Mu Mu, this issue of Mu Mu came again with you to share the good -looking match. Summer you know how to wear the most beautiful? I will talk to you. As a fashion person, I believe that the most in your closet is the skirt, and the number of skirts will not be too small, because the skirt is really a kind of skirt is really a kind of skirt It’s easy to wear and easy to match, super -displayed items! The summer skirt is the most beautiful, casually paired with a chiffon shirt, fashionable and elegant!

The summer skirt is really beautiful, convenient and women, and the tight waist design is also equipped with a belt. This will not only increase the look of the shape, but also wear it well, comfortable and beautiful, but also thin. The dazzling yellow is a white tone of white complexion, so the upper body has a little warmth and much sweetness. In summer, it is equipped with a white chiffon shirt to go out of the street. Girls who like leisure and fashion style can take a British style diagonal bag outside, which can not only allow you to carry things with you, but also increase the beauty of your shape. With gray high -heeled shoes, it looks good, I love it after watching it.


Whether you are a small or standard figure, the skirt will be the best choice for you to match your clothes. If the buttocks are not large, the legs with thick legs, this hip -hip skirt is more suitable. The side decoration of the lotus leaf, easily modify your rough legs, make the overall shape look soft, thin, light purple, elegant and charming, with purple printed chiffon shirts, so beautiful. It ’s really beautiful when I go out of the street like this. You who have a good mood to wear you in this way, work well, and give people a spiritual temperament, get rid of dry shirts and trousers, step on white high heels, fashionable and elegant shapes.


如果你问我,夏天怎样的穿搭简单又很美的话,我就告诉你,只要你备上一款半身裙就可以了,好美的一款红色碎花半身裙,超优雅迷人的,碎花Although it is a bit patchwork, it will not feel dazzling at all. Instead, it adds a bit of maturity to your shape. The irregular layered design is elegant. , Comfortable and stylish, easy to wear, for girls with a little belly, super suitable, I won’t feel it, the top with a white chiffon shirt, clean and fresh, full of small fresh girl temperament, beauty from the inside inside And it exudes it outside. A set of simple and stylish clothes, do not have to spend your mind to match your shoes. What small white shoes, flat shoes, high heels, all can be good.

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The summer skirt is the most beautiful, casually paired with a chiffon shirt, fashionable and elegant