Guide: This book is known as the Bible, which should be used as a guidance manual. Indeed, the system of this book system summarizes the “business process” of the consulting industry, and has made a clear expression of the entire process. It does have a guidance for novices engaged in the industry. Of course, there are many translation works of the “Bible” type of manual or guidance manual, and they have always been the influence of European and American categories. Simply sort out the main points of the chapters of this book, you can clarify the process of consulting services. This is also a common writing of such books. Readers who want to know about the operation of this industry should be able to see it. At the same time, this outline writing method can be clearly and logically expressed for consulting this service activity.

Chapter 7 -Chapter 9 Signing Process of Perfect Consultation

Know the customer’s resistance

★ Resistance -The so -called resistance is that customers express their reservations in an indirect way

★ Customer resistance

难 How the most difficult part in consulting activities is how to successfully handle customers’ resistance

建 No matter how reasonable the information is provided, the customer will have conflicts

★ Knowing customers’ resistance

是 Customer resistance behavior is a kind of feedback for the customer’s internal emotional process

取 Resisting is a way for customers to get help

积 积 is also an foreseeable natural response when you have to actively face the difficulties encountered by the organization.

表 To allow customers to express conflict

★ The skills to deal with the conflict between customers

抵 can judge when the conflict will appear

然The visual resistance is the natural process and realize signs of resistance

达 Encourage customers to express their resistance directly

触 Don’t think that this kind of resistance is aimed at individuals, or considers resistance to consultants or ability

★ Common manifestations of resistance

多 Customers ask more details information

节 Customers provide a lot of detail information

✔ The customer said there is no time

人 Customers are interrupted by others

际 Customers feel unrealistic and too academic

料 Customers feel that they are all expected

行 Customers perform language or behavior attacks

和 Customers are constantly complaining and confusing

又The customer feedback is less and less silent

理 Customers start to discuss theoretical topics

✔ Customers to preach

点 Customers’ views on you

的 Customers ask your methodology

已 Customers said that the current situation has improved

寻 Customers urgently seek solution

★ What is the conflict of customers -customers are just difficult to choose, have no courage to adopt an unusual plan, and face the fact that they are emotionally unacceptable.

来 Customers need third parties to define the problem and propose the possibility solution

理 A manager who is conflict with psychology will not only pay attention to the professionalism of consultants, but also pay more attention to the dignity and competence of the manager’s self.

★ Customer potential concerns

控 Control -Losing control will make people restless


坏 Vulnerability -destroying the factional balance in the organization

★ Customer concerns

我 Helpless, useless: I have no ability to change the status quo, I am a victim

Alie from the people in the organization: No one pays attention to me, I don’t belong to it here

大 Confusion: I have a lot of information, but I cannot classify or clearly clear the problem

★ The concern of consultants


I have no influence, and I can’t get a reward for any effort

距 I have a sense of distance from customers: We only maintain a stranger relationship and cannot be close. We can only maintain the role of consultant

客 My information is scarce, and customers are unwilling or could not clearly watch what happened to me

★ The purpose of consulting and consultant -help department managers terminate their entrustment and complaints, and start to directly state their real opinions

Respond to resistance

★ Is it to deal with instead of overcoming

情 “Overcoming conflict” requires that consultants must be smart enough and logically defeat customers to convince them.

Actually consultant is impossible to persuade customers’ resistance to emotions

情 Because resistance is a process of emotionalization, it is a specific feeling in each resistance, and it is almost impossible to persuade others to change their feelings.

★ Basic strategy

的 The basic strategy to deal with the resistance of mood is to make the resistance not erupting

体 Let customers express their own experience in true and credible language

的 Encourage the vent of anxiety, so as to make it calm

★ Response emotions

Judging from your own point of view, what form is expressed in what form

Use neutral rather than blatant language to state a conflict form

Keep silent, observe the other party’s reaction according to your statement of conflict

★ Response skills

应 Do not deal with emotions in personal ways

为了 But the resistance is not to doubt the competency of the consultant

触 Tattooing and resistance are the signs you touch some important and valuable issues

是 Most of the problems are presented in an unsienant way

并 Discover the problem behind, and express it in a smooth language

★ Consultation to stubborn customers

Don’t expect the other party to agree with your point of view and give you emotional support

Don’t expect that you can score with your customers with five or five scores, and on the same stall responsibility. Stubborn customers will throw these things on you

Be prepared for disputes and criticism

Don’t ask the customer’s feelings, nor do you show your own feelings

The question is to make customers understand, not to reach a consensus

Let customers try to control the control of the project process as much

Try to avoid providing detailed data or explain the data. In this case, just reasons will only be poured on fire.

Support customers

Do not respond to the personalization of customers

Don’t be too passionate, try to avoid details from the details

Although you want customers to learn something after this project, you can’t end now

Self -confident

Find a few comic books to relax

Remember, the most worrying thing for stubborn customers is to lose control

Let everything go

Har as well as as much as possible to avoid stubborn customers

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