Between moonlight and snow, you are the third stunning.——Cu Guangzhong’s “Strong”


You are an independent person, and no one can wipe your independence unless you compromise with the world.——Cu Guangzhong “Write to the Future Child”

The stars are bright, the sun is clean, and in all the beautiful existences of the world, whether it is alive or dead, I always love you the most.—— Mu Suri “Black Sky”


For me, the scenery is infinitely you, and it is you who falls into the dust. The point is you, not what kind of you.——Merxiang copper odor “Blessing of Heavenly Officials”

Many people face the word love, in fact, they have done everything on earth.——Liao Yimei “Life in a clumsy way like me”

I survived all the sufferings, and I don’t expect anyone to be with.”Marquez”

Only lonely talents are the most powerful waiting for you to survive all the sufferings, and you will meet all the sweetness.”Socrates”

I don’t know what the world is determined. I only know that as soon as I see the stars, I will start dreaming.”Van Gogh”