Wire: 喵 Mrs. Mrs. Famous Snow Smart Blue 15 Reunion

Tool: Sanwan 7 (4.5mm)

Work size:


Bust: Table 45 cm


Length: 70 cm minus, 87 cm longest

Sleeve: 44 cm from the lower amount of underarm.


After the film: single row, 78 needles, weaving 4 lines, the flat needle, weaving 20 lines, press 12-1-4 on both sides, then solid to 49 cm open, on both sides 2-3-1, 4 -2-2 clutch, then solidly woven to hang 17 cm open collar, the middle is 4-1-3 to the middle. At the last time, the shoulder shoulder 17 pins and shoulder and shoulder the shoulders.

Front: Single Row starts 106 pin, weaving 4 lines of slabs, two needles, two needles, two 6-pin jet, intermediate septum 2, the pattern is a total of 24 needles, all all weave needles, woven 32 cm, the flat needle portion 58 pin is harvested, and the remaining 48-pin continues to top 17 cm to open, on both sides, press 2-3-1, 4-2-2 to the needle, the remaining continues to close, weave to hanging The shoulder 17 pixel three times after 19 cm, and the pattern part continued to be detached until the length of the rear collar (about 4 twists), and finally stitching with the back collar when stitching.


Sleeve: Take the shoulder line, pick up 16 pins, then press 2-2-7, 2-1-6, then pick up the total 62-pin ring in the 1-segment, then press 10-2 on both sides -6 minus needle, remaining 50 knitting 4 lines, two rows of single threads are retracting.

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