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Recently, due to the epidemic reasons, the time of everyone’s house has become significantly longer, and the frequency of wearing home clothes has also increased. I usually like to buy some comfortable and easy to wear underwear/pants, pajamas, slippers, etc. I have shared it before.

In this article, we continue to share a wave of comfortable and reliable pajamas. Many of them have been purchased by myself. Everyone can rest assured that for reference, it is recommended to collect it! Spring and summer home service arrangements!

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

NO.1 Uniqlo

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

I have repurchased my husband many times, especially the flat -angle shorts, pushing it for thousands of years! Catching the discount period, usually only 19 yuan for 40 yuan, and then with its 39 yuan vest or short -sleeved T, you can put more more sets to wear.

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

▼ The flat -angle shorts series is the characteristic of Uniqlo. Only its home is sold. I think it is most worth starting. The loose is a bit like wearing shorts, which can be worn inside and outside. The fabric is 100%cotton, and the upper body is very comfortable ~

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

NO.2 BOE Tokyo

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

There should be many small partners who have bought four -piece sheets made in BOE Tokyo, and the cost performance is very high. Its pajamas are also this route, about 100 yuan, cotton material, simple basic style, male and female, student party can enter.

NO.3 Fenteng

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

Fenteng, the old brand of domestic products for more than 20 years, is one of the ten domestic service brands in China. The average price of its pajamas is about 200 yuan, and the sales volume is hundreds of thousands of+, which is affordable and easy to wear.

There are very many pajamas styles in the shop, and the fabrics are subdivided with 14 species, suitable for various seasons and crowds. Cross -border cooperation with “LINE Friends” and “Dunhuang Museum” has created many joint styles, and the design makes people look bright.

▼ I especially like the new spring and summer series this year. The printing is a bit fashionable, but the home can be worn outside. Going out to walk dogs and pick up express delivery is not a problem at all ~ I plan to start!

NO.4 Shuya

Shuya, a century -old underwear brand in Germany. Everyone should be familiar with it. Homo has always burst out, and the comfort is invincible! I often buy my husband’s underwear panties. The style may be a bit old, but the quality is particularly good! The material is mainly Shumei cotton, which is much better than the toughness of ordinary cotton materials. The price is medium. It is more cost -effective to start with discounts.

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

▼ For example, his cotton -woven lattice shorts, now the second half price, is 44.5 yuan, which is cheaper than Uniqlo, rushing!

NO.5 Three Guns

The three shots are also a well -known home clothing brand in China. It was established in 1998. It is mainly engaged in underwear, pajamas, home clothes, warm clothes, etc.

Although the brand has been established earlier, there are always keeping pace with the times. I also participated in the New York Spring and Summer Fashion Week in 2020, which brought Chinese autumn clothes and autumn trousers to the world, which is great! And the cost performance has always been very high, such excellent domestic brand brands must be supported!

NO.6 Anno Companion

Anno’s companion is also one of the top ten famous pajamas brands in China. It was founded in 1997. It exists similar to Fenteng and has a good reputation. The design style is simple and the price is friendly. I have bought two sets of good quality. I have never played and faded.

NO.7 Red Bean

Red beans are absolutely old -fashioned domestic products, and they are also a brand with cost -effectiveness. After decades in the underwear field, the quality is still very reliable. In my Taobao order record, the most frequently bought underwear, and the comfort is very high.

This brand is now developing some black technology fabrics, adding cool technology, and the design style is becoming more and more fashionable. It is a treasure domestic brand that is working hard to keep up with the times. It must be recommended by five stars.


Bananas are new brands in China. They were launched in 2016. The categories involved include home clothes, warm autumn clothes, and underwear. The brand focuses on the basic model of technology, and has also applied for many patented technologies, such as inductive labels, hot skin, cold skin and other technologies, which are refreshing and very popular with young people.

NO.9NEIWAI inside and outside

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

There are also many physical stores inside and outside. The style is minimalist. Those who are cotton or ultra -fine Modal can be selected in its house.

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

I bought its underwear before, very light and comfortable, just like I didn’t wear it without a sense of burden. The color of the home service is a color with low saturation, and the styles are also relatively basic, but the comfortable comfort is really good, which makes people feel happy ~

PS: Its pajamas can be optimistic about collecting first, and then start when there are discounts. The price difference is quite large.

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

No. 10pinksea

I am so cute in my home service store! Milk sweet girl style+Japanese small fresh+cotton fabric, girls are really unable to resist! There are super cute cartoon patterns, but also sweet and invincible lace lace. It will not be too exaggerated every day, each one is very beautiful ~

▼ This set is suitable for the time to wear in the early spring, soft and waxy coral velvet material, the overall style is particularly cute, making people look like a bite ~

▼ Recently, I just started a naval -style nightdress, age and comfortable.

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

NO.11 Same language

Do n’t miss this shop if you like the silent wind. The overall is relatively loose and lazy version. There are not too many sorrowful patterns. Mainly cotton material, some styles are also made of cotton and linen, which is more suitable for summer. There are men and women, and the cost performance is good.

NO.12 Beiyan

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

Beiyan is a veteran of more than ten years. Its pajamas style always gives me a bright feeling. It has a fashion element, and the style is quite special. The overall style is more lively. There are many couple models, most of which are made of cotton and Modal, which are comfortable and easy to take care of. Recently, many new Snoopy joint models have been released.

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

No.13 Chenxi

I was asked the most pajamas during my daily post, which was from its home. The style was sweet and the court style, with a sense of design but not cumbersome. I have repurchased twice, the quality is reliable, very durable!

This is the nighttime I bought in its house. The dangling nature is particularly good! After wearing it for more than three years, as the new one, there is no problem with scraping, ball, and yellowing, and buy one for a long time. The outer layer is soft gauze and lace. A layer of skin -friendly fabric is attached to the inner layer.


Oysho and ZARA belong to the Spanish INDITEX Group. It was established in 2001. It is a brand specializing in underwear and home clothing. The style is full of changes and diverse styles. The cute girl style, casual mature style, and classical elegant style are all available, which meets different ages and has good cost performance.


A domestic pajamas brand that grows on my aesthetic point is very cost -effective. Some styles can be worn when I go to the island for vacation. I like it very much! Want to add chicken legs to the designer! Ice silk, cotton, and Modal are all material, and the texture is also very good. Five -star recommendation!

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备


男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

It has a variety of beautiful suspenders, most of the girls, and some couple models. The style is simple, because it is not a real silk material, the price is more friendly, and those who pursue the style can be entered.

NO.17 Golden Three Tower

It is recommended that two reliable silk shops. Jin Santa and Sangluo are excellent domestic home service shops that are made of real silk. Golden Three Tower is more cost -effective. It is the old name of Zhejiang. It has its own silk industrial park. It has a good style and is not very picky. It is very suitable for entry -level real silk users, and there is no expensive outrageous.

I have repurchased twice, and the quality is really possible! The picture is the one I like to wear recently. The overall style is relatively simple and casual, and the details are quite delicate. After passing through its pajamas, the pajamas that change back to other fabrics are still a bit uncomfortable. I always feel that the body is heavy, not like real silk.


Sangluo was founded in 2003 and was founded by the Jiangnan Silk Family. It focuses on mulberry silk fabrics, and the brand has its own original designer. Its pajamas style is more fashionable than the Golden Three Pagoda. The red version and cuts are high -level. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose a good style.

男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

The above, I like to remember to like+collection, how much ~

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男女睡衣推荐 | 盘点18个舒适好穿的睡衣品牌,春夏家居服宅家必备

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