Can not go abroad to buy buy, purchasing is also broken, where should the luxury bag should go?

On September 1st, Tmall International announced the upgrade of overseas class business, officially released official cross-border direct mail business “overseas direct purchase”, launching unsearned buy Hermes, full 299 global shipping, special plane Global 7-day, overseas The counter is new, and the official direct acquisition of the five major consumer rights in the overseas original version.


Browse the new online “Tmall International Overseas Direct Buy” page can be found, different from the past imported milk powder, diaper, skin care products, etc., there is not only Gucci Gucci, Fendi Findi, Burberry Burri Waiting for luxury brands, there are also global limited edition of 2,800 bottles of 1978 Martaoli blue collections old wine, German lazy cream 111skin, Japanese sleep artifact Pulse Switch and other limited edition and new qi products.

What is worth paying attention is that Tmall International Overseas Direct Buy New Online “Special Games”, consumers want to buy anything to submit their own wish in the exclusive page, and buy them by the official of Tmall International.

The first phase of the first phase of September is the theme of the bag. There is a “vegetable basket” who can buy if you can buy it. There is also a luxury brand bag such as Chanel, Dior, LV.


It is understood that Tmall International Overseas Direct Buy also creates a special carnival day “Purple Wednesday” for consumers. This service will be fixed in the last Wednesday, the last Wednesday, followed by large-scale clothing, top beauty and other themes. .

Overseas direct purchase can not only run the purchase, but also enhance the logistics experience when direct mail. Through planning exclusive air trunk, actuarial logistics time, advance customs declaration, etc., to achieve global direct mail 7 days, the fastest 3 days can be sent to consumers in hand, and buy enough 299 yuan to ship.

Dong Yu, deputy general manager of Tmall International, said that this year’s Tmall International added 10 international air transport routes, logistics continued to speed up; new Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Weihai, Ningbo 5 ports, forming multi-port synergy Improve the goods from the domestic customs clearance and distribution time.

According to reports, Tmall International “Overseas Direct Buying” is the use of overseas warehouses throughout the world, providing overseas direct mail service for domestic consumers, based on rookie global warehousing layout and building a global supply chain network, through official direct form, will overseas The latest trend new product, limited edition scorpion, direct sales of Chinese consumers.

At present, the business has been in North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea, China Hong Kong and Southeast Asia 5 major area layouts in more than 100 overseas warehouses in more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

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