In winter, I always listen to everyone complaining the same problem, that is too dry! Especially the sisters in the north, the humidifier and moisturizing spray. In short, various equipment is used, but the small face is still dry. How to effectively replenish it and keep the skin in a dry winter.


The answer is to apply the mask! The mask can quickly hydrate, helping the skin in a short time. Not only can the skin restore hydration and elasticity, but when the skin temperature rises and the metabolism is gradually normal, the old waste material can also be discharged to effectively improve the skin texture and maintain a long period of perfect state ~

Recently, honey found a high -cost moisturizing mask, and the skin became particularly translucent after applying it. Come and see ~


Product Highlights:

Spring core P.H.C, hot spring mineral essence


Hyaluronic acid hydration and moisturizing

Strengthen the water lock barrier, long -term moisturizing

The blue packaging corresponds to its super powerful hydration function, and adds a cute cartoon image, full of young girls, can it be full of girls after applying it ~ and it is particularly thick to touch it. The essence of 20ml is also sincere!

The mask is particularly soft, because the BABY silk film cloth with German technology is light and breathable and super served ~ In addition, the adhesion of this mask paper is very good. You can firmly suck the essence without worrying about leakage ~

After use, the skin’s moisture has been significantly improved. The core ingredient springs core P.H.C and the hot spring mineral essence are strongly blessed, so that the skin is full of water instantly.


While ensuring the hydration, we cannot ignore its mildness ~ Many products will be raised in order to pursue strong hydration, but this mask is very gentle, weakly acidic, completely not irritating. The sensitive muscles can be used with confidence. Intersection

In general, the Quanquan mask of Wen Biquan is indeed a deputy. In fact, it has achieved a very powerful hydrating effect, can deeply hydrate, and maintains the skin’s moisturizing degree for a long time. BABY silk film cloth soft skin, the essence is clear and easy to absorb, applied for 15 minutes, the skin is full of moisturizing, and the dry winter skin care must be indispensable ~