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Large irregular printed dress

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Euro (about RMB



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R Studio is the own brand of La Redoute in France. It is known for its fabrics. The style is known for its pursuit of fashion. This skirt is very intellectual and elegant as a whole. The feeling of slimming is thin and thin. The design of the low -cut V -neck adds a little sexy. The cuffs and skirts use the most popular perspective elements. The printing pattern is rippling in the spring and summer mood. The skirt is 145 cm long. It is made of polyester and has strong anti -wrinkleability. Even the hot summer day is comfortable and breathable, refreshing.

La Redoute’s original price of 74.99 euros, the special price only costs 44.99 euros. Now La Redoute’s official website launched the “Last Summer New Wave” event. Yuan) Favorite friends can pay attention to it. In addition, users who have successfully placed orders on the Chinese official website of La Redoute, if they are taxed by that time, can receive the tax paid certificate and order number of the limited time tax subsidy coupon for 20 Euros, and the customers who refuse to accept and return the package will not enjoy the limited time for limited time. Tax subsidy coupons.

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