Full of mango 芒

Mango Milk 奶 Ice

The large piece of mango milk in Taiwan

Finally came to Wuxi

No need to return to Taiwan

In Wuxi


You can taste the ancient and early flavor of Taiwan

One -time satisfaction

All the fantasies of mango and condensed milk

Can’t help but lick the screen mango condensed milk ice ice

Can you realize the feeling of having more mango to the full plate ??? Come ~~ Come ~~ Come ~~ Only “Zhenzhuiyu” in Wuxi can meet the mango control in summer, freshly cut large mango, plus plus the freshly cut mango, plus the addition of large pieces of mango, plus add The boss’s homemade mango jam, in the end ~ put on the condensed milk with a beating soul, just a large bite of ice to the mouth, is it unhappy ???

Do you think there is only this ????

Hey ~~~ The boss’s mind, don’t guess ~~~~

Guess you will be scared !!!!!

At this time is the time when the boss enlighten the trick

Boil black sugar by hand

Old and early flavored brown sugar 黑

Black sugar is the best memory in the memory of the ancient flavor of Taiwan. Even if a small bowl of clear water ice, as long as it is poured with a little hand -fried brown sugar water, the bowl of white flowers is instantly pumped the dancing. soul.


Mai Zi has always remembered that when I was a kid, I ate “Black Sugar in the Alley”. What kind of ingredients do you like ?? Taro round, peanut kernel, taro, red beans, powder circles, mung beans, fairy grass, rice moss, pink crickets, etc.? ?? Do you eat canned products in every place ???

Don’t worry ~~ “Zhen Boiled Yuan” The boss said ~~ The ice material of his own store must be handmade by himself, that is, let these “Taiwan Lang” eat the hometown flavor !!!

Full material

All bosses boil with heart

Haha ~~ Taiwan’s Sanbao

You read it right


Rice moss ~ pink 仙 ~ fairy grass ~

All handmade

Come ~~ Come ~~ Come ~~

The boss and the boss said you are not afraid of you to eat


As long as you come ~~

It is expected ~~ It is a pot slowly !!!!!

I can’t help but think about it after eating

Aya’s << 曲 阿 <>>

Red beans … big red beans … taro …

What kind of material do you need to add?

Mung bean powder round rice moss, peanut love jade and fairy grass

How to match it and you can guarantee that your mood will be better ~

Shop Name: Zhen Boil Yuan -Taiwan Dessert

Business hours: Tuesday -Sunday (Monday, public off) 12:00-21:00

Business Address: No. 68, Country C Area, Anzhen Street, Xishan District, Wuxi City

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Red beans … big red beans … taro …