Shandong Business News Zaozhuang News Correspondent Liu Yanghe

At about 8 am on the morning of March 15th, a man wearing a brown jacket rode an electric car appeared in a community in Xinxing Road, Tengzhou City. Its physical characteristics and the suspect of investigation and controlling theft of fire hydraulic water guns released by the Interpol of the Tengzhou Public Security Bureau People are similar, and their tranes are suspicious, which has attracted the attention of the security personnel of the community, and immediately reported to the police to capture the man. At this point, the water gun head of many communities in Tengzhou City was broken, and a number of stolen water gun heads were recovered.

In mid -February this year, the fire hydrant water gun head in a number of residential buildings in a community in Jinghe Street, Tengzhou City was stolen. After the Tengzhou Public Security Bureau received an alarm, the Interpol Brigade crackled the Causai Acoustic Investigation Squadron to quickly conduct investigations. The police found that the suspects were not found in many parties, and they immediately expanded the scope of investigation and found the whereabouts of the suspects in the city. In early March, the fire hydrant water gun head in Xinxing Road and Datong Road in Tengzhou City was stolen. In the video surveillance of the investigation police, the investigating police found the theft man wearing a brown jacket. The man’s information is sent to the security personnel of each police station and community. On the morning of March 15th, when the man appeared again in a community in Xinxing Road, he was arrested on the spot.

滕州便衣警察小区布控抓获盗窃消防设施男子 追回一批水枪头

After investigation, the man was Li Moubin, Zaozhuang City, 31 years old. He lived in zero work and worked for fire equipment installation. He was very familiar with fire protection facilities. Bin Bin had the idea of ​​stealing the fire hydrant water gun head. From December 2021 to March 2022, Li Moubin rode an electric work and rushed to multiple residential buildings in Tengzhou City. The machine steal the water rifle layer by layer. “I walk upstairs to the top floor, steal the water gun head layer by layer, the stealing water gun head is filled with nylon bags, and then sent to the downstairs, and then stealing the empty nylon bag.” Li Moubin said when he explained the case. Essence When the police handling the case further traced it, it was found that Li Moubin had sold some of the water gun heads, and the money selling the water gun head had been squandered by Li Moubin.

“Li Moubin is a habitual criminal of the fire gun head in the residential residential community. It has been taken for mandatory measures. Although the water gun head is not high, it is related to the safety of the people’s lives and is closely related to the people’s vital interests. Once the fire occurs, the lack of water gun heads will directly affect the rescue work, and there are great safety hazards. The suspect’s stealing number is large and the entire building is stolen, which is extremely harmful. ” Deputy Captain Han Xiaopei said deeply about the detection of the case.